1999 Melbourne Gang Show

In the Unit's early stages, we had members performing in the Melbourne Gang Show. While these members have since left us, Ambre has come from the Scouts section and continued the Gang Show tradition. Along with Kristy (a Scout who often joins us on activities as she is the intrepid Venturer Leader's daughter), Ambre continues to be a cast member of the show. Although from 1999 when Ambre was in Scouts, these photos show a small part of what being in Gang Show is all about.

The Unit continues to support Ambre by seeing 2 performances of the Melbourne Gang Show each year, one at the Darebin Performing Arts Centre and the other at the Alexander Theatre (Clayton) or the Besen Centre (Burwood). We also try and attend performances of Camberwell Showtime, Whitehorse Showtime and South Metro Showtime when we can.

Who knows, in the future we may have other members of the Unit in the show.


Make up is always a rush. Ambre played the part of a possum in the second act 'Song Of The Bush'.

The annual patrol program photo is always a team event. Even Gang Show uses the Patrol System for it's organisation.


'Bridges - A Modern Legend' saw Ambre as a brides maid.

Where would a wedding be without a photo on the church steps.

Ambre's going to kill me, but it was a looong day.

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