Our First Investitures

The Rialto Tower Observation Deck

On the 9th of August 1999, the reconstituted Unit had it's first investiture. It was a combined event with both Bronwyn and Jess being invested inside on the observation deck of the Rialto Towers complex in the C.B.D. of Melbourne.. Both Bron and Jess had come from Guides and had never experienced the 'Scouting way' and hence the lack of badges on the uniforms. These photos were taken by Jess's parents with many onlookers also taken photos as they had no doubt never seen a Venturer investiture before.


Here's the intrepid Leader presenting the Group scarves to Bronwyn and Jessica. This is ordinarily the role of the Group Leader, however he was unavailable on this night.

Mathew, the oldest of the renewed Unit and brother to Bronwyn presents her with her passport.

The intrepid leader, Jason and Bron.

That's not a proper handshake!!!

What a wonderful Unit we make. The intrepid Leader, Mathew, Jason, Chris, Bron and Jess.

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