Old Melbourne Gaol

A Candle Lit Tour and Investiture

It was one of those ideas that seemed good at the time. The intrepid Leader is always keen to have investitures away from the hall in new and exciting places. An investiture on the gallows at the Old Melbourne Gaol seemed an obvious choice. The investiture went well, it was the candle lit tour afterwards which was the problem.

We were greeted by one of 'Melbourne's Finest '(1850's style) and treated like the rabble we really are. Our punishment for participatimg in the tour (along with members of the public) was to be sent to a cold, VERY dark cell in the gaol. The only saving grace was the fact the trams could be heard moving up and down Russell Street outside. A look inside other cells and a very detailed descriptions of the last days of a few of the inmates topped off a great night.

Here are the death masks of 5 of the unlucky souls who were hanged on the gallows at the Old melbourne Gaol.

A mock up of Ned Kelly's last walk. He spent his last hours in the room at the left of the gallows.

This shot is taken from Ned's last stand looking towards Ambre's investiture site.

Here we are with Ambre wondering her fate. Chris, Dale and Jason look on.

The ceremony gets under way with Roger our Group Leader helping out.

"On My Honour I Promise......"

Here, brother Chris and Unit Chairman at the time presents Ambre with her epaulettes.

Congratulations and welcome to 1st Deer Park Venturers.

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