1st Deer Park Venturers


1st Deer Park Scouts

To a McDonald's Eating Competition

on Thursday 20th September 2001


This is NOT a race. The challenge is for a team from each section to eat as much from the McDonald's menu as possible in one hour.

The following rules will apply.

1. Each team is to be made up of:

- One leader

- Up to seven youth members

2. Eating will start at 7.30pm and conclude at 8.30pm

3. The McDonald's Shift Manager will be the judge and their decision will be final.

4. The winning team will be the team, which, in the opinion of the Shift Manager, has the least amount of food left at the end of the hour.

5. The support teams (other Scouts, Venturers and their families) may consume all remaining food at the completion of the competition.

6. Any interference in the running of the challenge (either deliberate or accidental) by members of the support teams will immediately disqualify their team and the other team will be declared the winner.

7. The food to be consumed will be documented in attachment one.

8. The choice of flavour and / or style of drink and / or meal will be at the discretion of the Shift Manager. No special orders will be considered.

9. Each team must have an identical menu.

10. If a team member for whatever reason cannot continue, they leave the competition and are not to be replaced.

11. Team members may leave the table and return at any time within the hour without penalty.

12. Names of the participants from each team are to be given to the Unit Chairperson prior to the night. As far as possible, gender equity within the team must apply.

13. Substitutes are allowed within the team up until the commencement time.


Ambre Bennett

Natalie Clayton

Unit Chairperson

Unit Treasurer

Attachment One

McDonald's Challenge Menu

Happy Meals

1 Junior Burger

1 Cheese Burger

1 Chicken Nuggets (6)


Small Value Meals - Soft Drink

1 Fillet o' Fish

1 Quarter Pounder

1 Big Mac

1 Mc Oz

1 Mc Chicken

1 Big and Tasty


Small Value Meals - Shake

1 Fillet o' Fish

1 Quarter Pounder

1 Big Mac

1 Mc Oz

1 Mc Chicken

1 Big and Tasty



1 McFlurry

1 Regular Sundae

1 Hot Apple Pie

1 Muffin

1 Soft Serve Ice-Cream



1 Box Cookies

1 Chicken Wings


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