Federation Camp
Well, here it is, the page you have all been waiting for - Hoadley Region's Federation 2001 Camp at Treetops.

On the weekend of 10th and 11th November 2001, Hoadley Region held the biggest camp in its history at the region campsite at Riddell's Creek. In excess of 1200 youth members and leaders braved the elements and one of the coldest November Saturday nights on record to have one of the greatest times this side of a Jamboree or Venture. There were Joeys, Cubs, Scouts, Venturers and even the odd Rover or two who partook in all the fun and games on offer over the weekend.

Catering was provided mess style and a few of our District's Venturers offered their services to cook and serve in one of the messes. The intrepid photographer was also occupied in the mess most of the time so there aren't many photos of the activities. We hope you enjoy what there is.

The Venturer's area - tents every which way with doors facing any direction. At least you could tell it was the Venturers!

Breakfast at 'green' mess. Ambre serves a leader breakfast.

Breakfast was a choice of 3 types of cereals, spaghetti on toast, a poke in the eye, hash browns, fruit juice or cordial. Needless to say, there was heaps left over and we only fed 400!

Remember our friend Steph? Well this is Steph's brother Tim. He's a bit different, but I imagine you've guessed that already.

1st Deer Park Scouts girl's quarters (as taken by Kristy). This as Karina climbing her way over the beds.

Now that's a barbeque !!

With two 'sittings' it took one and a half hours to feed 400 people. Here Steve T, Ambre and 'Oddie' serve the bodies at the evening meal.

The production line

At the end of the day it was time to tidy up and put all the rubbish in the bins. Hey Ambre, what are you doing?

On Saturday night there was a number of activities, starting with a Red Faces. Some of Brimbank District's Venturers put on a shadow operation to give first place a real go. Unfortunately, they only made it to second.

Daniel and Steve T. look on in amazement at the goings on behind the sheet.

Who is that man dancing with our Natalie??...Why it's none other than Peter Geary, the Region Commissioner.....Watch out Peter, she's spoken for!!

Here's our friend Steph. You'll remember her from our Gang Show pages.

Stacey, Natalie and Steph danced the night away.

Then it was on to the 'Nutbush'.

Movie 1 Movie 2

Natalie was chosen as the Venturer to read part of the closing prayer.

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