Our Day in Geelong

On Sunday 22nd July, after 6 months of basically doing nothing except our Lifestyles Course and Gang Show the Unit got stuck back into the program, well some us did anyway. Natalie and the intrepid leader were joined on the day by Stephen from 1st Taylor's Lakes for what was programmed as a day at the Ford Discovery Centre in Geelong.

After spending time at the Discovery Centre viewing all the exhibits, pushing all the buttons and buying souvenirs, we continued to view the sights of Eastern Beach. H.M.A.S. Sydney was berthed at Cunningham Pier, but unfortunately was getting ready to go to sea so wasn't accepting visitors. The restored steam driven Merry-go-Round and enclosed sea bathing area were however and so we headed off to have a look and play.

All in all a great day. Natalie resolved to bring the District back in warmer weather to give the sea baths a try out when you didn't have to chip the ice off the water to get in. 

Stephen and Natalie outside the Ford Discovery Centre

A 'one off' XR8 4 wheel drive ute. This, as well as many other cars at the Discovery Centre, was a special built for display only.

Are you taking note Dad?......Natalie needs one of these for her birthday.......Please Dad.

One of these would do Stephen or the intrepid leader as well. Pity there is only one of these in existence.

A Mark I Cortina. Didn't Peter Brock start out in a Cortina?

Natalie and Stephen on Cunningham Pier.....No, they didn't join up!

Who said we are just a big bunch of kids?.....Natalie gives the steam driven merry-go-round a try out.

Stephen deciding whether or not to jump.

Natalie trying to work out what she is doing on the end of the board anyway!

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