2001 Melbourne Gang Show

On Friday 29th June, the Unit attended Venturer Night at the Melbourne Gang Show. The performance was held at the Besen Centre with a party afterwards at the East Burwood Hall.

Although there are no photos of the Unit, the following are shots from various parts of the show as taken by the Melbourne Gang Show photographer.


There were 3 Venturers and a Scout from Brimbank District in the 2001 Show.

Kristy (1st Deer Park Scouts), Nadia (1st Taylors Lakes), Ambre and Tanya (1st Taylors Lakes).

The show isn't all hard work. During rehearsals there was a barn dance to help relieve the stress. Here's Ambre tripping the light fantastic.

The first act 'Paradise Cafe' saw one of 1st Deer Park's Scouts (Kristy) as the top water skier supported by Kieran who was later to join our Unit..

Ambre out front in a number.

And down low in another.

This is what Gang Show and Scouting is all about. The friendships developed during the show often last a lifetime.

During the finale 'Wonderful Life' is always sung. On the last night the streamers came out and everyone went on a high!

Even Gang Show is run on the Patrol system. Here we have Miranda Patrol. Left to Right: Top Row: Jaz, Lauren, Nadia, Tess, Clare, Catherine. Second Row: Emma, Lisa, Belinda, Sarah and down the bottom our own 'Most Shining Star', Ambre.

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