Celebrating Halloween 2001

With Our Cubs

On Tuesday 30th October the Unit visited 1st Deer Park Cubs to celebrate Halloween and generally just have fun. Following a ceremony in which 3 Cubs 'went up' to Scouts, our big night started where we played all the usual halloween games and got very messy.

Thanks to the Cub mums who provided a delicious and overwhelming supper and to the Cubs and their leaders for being good sports and allowing us to join them on the night.

Dale, Daniel and Natalie line the cubs up for a quick round of Apple Bobbing.

Ambre, Daniel and our Natalie explain the all you have to do is stick your head in the bucket and bite the apple. It's easy. look at your leader. Hey Nattalee, you're not supposed to eat the bottom of the bucket!!

Natalie and Ambre show 'em how its done.

Even Daniel and Jason have a go.

After a few attempts the Venturers finally worked it out. You walk up to the donut and, well I'll leave the rest up to your imagination but I can tell you it wasn't pretty.

The Cubs on the other hand had a little more trouble. I think it had something to do with the size of their mouths.

Aha!!!...Daniel has it!!....Suck the little sucker all the way in, string and all.

Dale, what was that you said? Oh, mumgbel fumnnbel gwafmbel dwquin. Couldn't agree more.

Now, let me explain the rules of this game. What you do is you pair up all the Cubs with Venturers, you blind fold the Cubs and then, one at a time, you get them to feed their Venturer a piece of extra creamy, cream cake. By the way, you've got to do this in 15 seconds so the Cubs were in a kind of hurry and they tended to miss - often.

Now, for some reason, not all the Venturers think this is a good idea. Here's Daniel working out what he should do with a mouthful of cream cake.

Hmmm, Nattalee the Cub Leader decided to 'help' the game along. More on this later.

Here's our Natalie being steadied by the Cub Leader so the Cub couldn't miss.

Open wider Jason. I'm sure he can get his whole hand in if you stay still.

Some background is required here. Our Natalie is coming to the end of her time as a Cub Instructor at 1st Deer Park. As a going away present, the Cub Leader decided to join the game with a full cream cake and no blind fold. You can guess the result. It took me over an hour the mop the hall floor.

Ambre, Jason, Daniel and Natalie say their goodbyes.

A great shot of the 1st Deer Park Cubs.

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