Our Night At The Go-Karts

First night back in Term 4, the Unit (and a few others from the District) headed off to Action Formula 1 Go-Karts in South Morang for a night of fun and ACTION. The big difference with this venue is they have 2 Stroke karts and minibikes and boy, does it make a difference. We all qualified on the 4 stroke karts without too much trouble and then proceeded to the 2 stroke ones. The noise, the smell and the speed (for some of us anyway) were something to behold. Chris and the intrepid leader also had a go on the minibikes while everyone else sat back and laughed.

A really good night which I can whole heartedly recommend to any Unit which is looking for a bit more than the 'ordinary' go-kart race.

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, we also have a couple of short movies. My apologies for the darkness, but we were there at night after all!

Don't they look pretty? Hairnets for all before we try on the helmets for that all important look.

Having achieved 'the look', Jason, Dale, Chris, Shaun, Natalie and Chris await their turn.

While Shaun (Central) considers doing it style.

Ambre, with an expression like "anything is possible".

Ambre Get's Started

Chris (Central) is ready and raring to go.

Jason thinking "I'm going to crash! I'm going to crash!"

Natalie waits her turn.

Daniel looks like he's off to the dentist!

Bouf gets ready to hit the track and run a few breath tests.

The intrepid leader about to show everyone how good a 2 stroke driver he really is. Bouf joined him for some well needed moral support.

Shuey, eat your heart out!!

The rest of the adventurous ones queue up for their go in the 2 strokes. Chris thinks being first on the track will save him from utter humiliation - WRONG!!

Away We Go !!

Umm, err, so it won't start eh?.......Maybe a new plug's needed.......Did James Courtney start out this way?

and then it was on to the minibikes. Here Chris and the intrepid leader (the only two brave enough to give it a go) learn the art of riding the things.

My dad always used to say "If you cant't actually do it, at least dress as though you can!"

STOP !!!!!!!! (please)

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