Lifestyles Gym Circuit Course

Sunshine Leisure Centre

In terms 1 and 2 of 2001, the Unit undertook a 13 week circuit gym course on Thursday nights at Sunshine Leisure Centre. We did this not only as part of the Lifestyles Award, but also to enable Steve (the intrepid leader) and Ambre to participate in the Melbourne Gang Show without missing out on any of the Unit's activities. We all had a fun and muscle straining time.

As can be seen by the photos, not only did we do the gym course, but it was also used to gain Daniel his link badge and to celebrate Chris's 17th birthday.

On Wednesday 13th and Thursday 14th June, the Unit went through the final physical assessment to see how they went. I'm pleased to report that all Unit members achieved their goals with most (if not all) of them continuing on at the gym.


OK Daniel, it's left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot.

Welcome to the dark side.

In the Unit 5 minutes and already fiddling with things.

Stop grinning and pedal faster!!!

O.K. - Show us those muscles.

Is it me, or does watching skipping make your eyes go blurry?

And what a star he is.

Here we all are singing in for our assessment. Karen (from the gym), Maggie, Ambre, Mathew and Chris.

How's the blood pressure Ambre?

Now the pinch test.

Finally its onto the bike.

Now girls, it's suppose to be hard work!

Karen gives Ambre a try on the bike.

Keep going Maggie.

And now for the big stretch.

Thanks to James (left) and Karen (right).


It took 13 weeks, but we finally taught Karen to get the salute right. Is there a prospective leader there?

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