Mud Bash 2001

Visitor's Day - June 10th

I don't know if it was the 8.00am start or the fact it was a Sunday on a long weekend, but which ever it was only Ambre (our Unit Chairman) and the intrepid Unit leader venturered to Mafeking Park to view the goings on at Mud Bash.. From a slow beginning, the day grew to a full on expose of the operations of the Rover Section.

I didn't know it was possible to put a V8 into a Suzuki Vitara! Or for that matter, a 1600cc onto a Land Rover - over the back axel! But whatever kind of 'car' we watched, the type pailed into insignificance compared to the noises they made and they way they slurped their way through the mud pits. And what about all those green cans everywhere!! You don't see those on a Venturer activity - do you??

The biggiest disappointment of the day was the fact the photographer had a 24 exposure film in the camera instead of a 36 and only got one shot before the thing ran out. Never the less, it was a fun filled day which we will program again next year.


You need one of these things to get in.

The cover of the 2001 Mud Bash Program

The only photo taken. This is some of the crowd and cars lining up at the beginning of the obstacle course.

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