District Costume Party

On the night of Friday 23rd March 2001, 1st Deer Park held a costume party for the District as a means of getting us all together to become better acquainted and just have plain, ordinary fun. The whole concept was Ambre's idea and all who attended had a good time although there wasn't as many there as we would have hoped. To add to the excitement, the Police chose to conduct a preliminary breath testing station in the carpark of our hall on the night. While this not only added to the things to do, it also gave the Venturers an insight into the drink driving issue with a number of drivers being interviewed at our front door.

Again, courtesy of the wonders of digital technology we have a movie and some photos....enjoy.

Then as people started to arrive, we started talking.

Dale, Ambre and Maggie watch Tim warming up.

Dale, Natalie, Ambre, Maggie, Tim, Chris and Tanya.

Here I am - Do you like the getup??

Here we are in the carpark with Victoria's finest. A few of us had practice blows. You'll have to ask them the results yourselves.

Ambre, Tim and Maggie ham it up during the dance competition.

Chris and Tanya Trip The Light Fntastic

The winners of the nights competition.

Tanya, Tim, Janine & Ambre.

Isn't this the best group photo you have ever seen?

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