Family Day @ Victorian Guide, Scout Sailing Centre

On Saturday 17th November, the 1st Deer Park Scout Group and 1st Deer Park Guides held a combined day at the Victorian Guide and Scout Sailing Centre at Sandringham. Having earned our sailing charge certificates, some of the Unit were asked to skipper the corsairs on the day and then place our names on the list of coxswains that can be called upon to help out on the open days. Yet another feather in the 1st Deer Park cap.

During the preceding week, the weather was not looking too good, but a fine day of 28 degrees saw us swimming, paddle boarding, canoeing and sailing. Although the sailing was somewhat limited as there was virtually no wind. Never the less, we all had a fantastic day with just about everyone having a go at each activity.

Thanks to Jason B who was the photographer on the day.

1st Balwyn Scouts joined us on the day, so if there are some unfamiliar faces in the photos, they probably belong to the boys and girls from Balwyn.

Like all Sailing Centre days, ours started out in the training room getting the run down on the day's activities.

'Bearded Bob' was the Officer Of The Day. Here he is making sure we know what we are getting ourselves into.

Then it was onto the water. The best part about a day at the centre is that there is plenty to do even if the wind is negligible

After lunch it was time to set the sails and pray for wind. Here's the intrepid leader (in full sailing gear) readying one of the corsairs while Lesley (resident transport mum) and one of the cubs look on.

Alleyne (Guide District Leader) making sure we all had p.f.d.'s and were ready to rock and roll - well row anyway.

Michael (V.G.S.C.C.) attempts to get underway.

Ooo, quick is that wind in them their sails?!?!

Ambre and Natalie on the rescue boat.


Tied up at Sandringham Yacht Club is Jessie Martin's yacht. This is the one he used in his solo round the world trip. It's not that big, is it!!


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