Vic Gathering 2001

Hey, to all who were at VG and especially those who have signed our guest book (courtesy of Natalie) this page is finally up and running. The modem has gone to a higher plain (a linux box) an only returns on an infrequent basis that's why it has taken me so long to upload the page.

Vic Gathering, what can I say. The weather at the Elmore Field Day Site was far cooler than last year without keeping people out of the water. Sunday was a bit of a bummer with light rain putting a damper on things (like that? - light rain, damper *lol*- I kill myself sometimes). All the usual friendships were rekindled and some new ones made. Natalie set a new record for the number of blokes she can have follow her at the same time - 32. GO NATALIE!!!! (Actually there were some other girls in the group. But never let the truth get in the road of a good story I say). Roll on VG 2002!

Movies we have, but I really must remember not to turn the camera sideways as I haven't worked out how to rotate MPG files yet. So, it you want to view all the movies, then you'll have to tip your monitor on its ear.

Regular viewers of our site will remember Bouf, our Unit mascot. Well after attending the obligatory activities and being accepted by Unit Council, Bouf was invested at VG.

Left paw on the flag and (with a little help from a newly red headed Daniel) right paw making the Scout Sign the Promise was recited. Poor Bouf had a bit of a cold we decided and had to rest his voice.

Gee we're ingenious at 1st DP. A scanner, Grant O'Neil's web site, a colour printer and some iron transfer paper later, Bouf has a complete set of badges.

Thanks go to Ambre's mum and resident transport officer Lesley for the shirt and the epaulettes.

In the absence of the Group Leader, the intrepid VL presented the scarf. Like my dainty hands? I'm think of becoming a hand model.

Thanks goes to all who have accepted Bouf as a part of 1st DP. Left to Right - The intrepid leader, Peter (VL Central), Jason, Ambre, Bouf, Daniel (remind me to tell you how long it took to get the red out of my car when he fell asleep on the velour trim on the way home), Natalie, Chris (Central) and Shaun (Central).

Natalie was going to do her best to beat her record from last year but was pipped at the post. Good try though. Here Ambre and Chris (with the red hat) watch and offer encouragement.

Go Natalie - That's 11.

You could read the book or watch the movie.

Shooting was again a very popular activity winning the award for the best activity overall for the weekend.

Daniel gave it his best shot getting 2 out of 5.

Daniel doing it on his ear.

Here he is getting expert tuition from a member of the Coliban Gun Club. The half dozen or so members who helped us out over the weekend deserve a huge vote of thanks as they never stopped praising the kids no matter what their abilities. Well Done Coliban Gun Club!!

Jason and the Venturers from S.A. get shown the finer points of clay shooting. The intrepid leader spent 5 hours helping the gun club out during the weekend and had time on his hands to do a few calculations. I worked out that the Venturers went through about $1000 worth of shot and targets over the weekend.

Where would a Region or State wide Venturer activity be without a photo of our friends from outside our own District. Here's Steph (in the yellow scarf) getting ready to have a go at shooting.

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