Anything Goes

The weekend of 23rd and 24th February 2002 saw the Unit attend another highlight in the Venturing year - Anything Goes. Although this event has been running for a number of years, it was our first time.

The weekend was jam packed with both on-site and off-site activities keeping us busy. Although there was much, much more, we participated in water skiing and donuting, go-karts, scuba diving, half day 4WD tour, jousting pit and graffiti wall. There was also the band and videos on Saturday night.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on the way you look at it), the intrepid leader remained at the base camp watching and doing some water skiing. The photos on this page were all taken there.


Camping in the great outdoors, one of Venturing's bonuses. These are just a few of the Brimbank District's Venturers enjoying A.G.. Steve, Matthew, Ambre, Daniel and Oddie.

An intruder in our midst. Is there nowhere we can go without meeting up with Steph?

The 'Valley Water Ski Team' in all their glory. The team is to be congratulated for their excellent efforts over the weekend. There patience and dedication to teaching people to ski and trying to do them serious bodily injury on the donuts was to be commended.

One of the on-site activities was the 'air pistols'. Connect an air compressor to some tubing, add a trigger, some corks, a target or two and Bob's your Uncle (or was he your Grandfather? - I forget).

A novel idea, a graffiti wall. I could have got a lot closer, but there are laws about what you can put on the internet you know.

Now here's a great idea, and most of 1st Deer Park thought so too. Daniel and Matthew gave it the first shot

Daniel had a couple of shots at Matthew, but couldn't knock him off.

Eventually, the champion relented and Daniel and Ambre bashed one another. I think Daniel finally won that one. We all had a good laugh regardless. I'll leave what we were laughing at to your imagination.

This was interesting. Aaron (on the left) was apparently the undisputed champion at this activity and had been for some time - that was until he met Matthew. I didn't have the heart to tell him he was beaten 2 - 0 by a Scout doing his Link Badge!!!

Ambre and Meagan make it back to shore as Daniel, Chris and Matthew await their turn.

You might recognize this fine specimen. It's Harry T. from Werribee who only a few weeks previously examined the Unit for their Canoe Charge Certificates. Here he is contemplating the meaning of life after a couple of his Venturers booked him in for a ski.

A couple (of hundred) last minute instructions to the boat driver and observer and Harry was away .....

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