Venturer Weekend @ Mt Baw Baw

It was over a year in the planning (we didn't get our act into gear last year) but was it well worth it or what!! The W.F. Waters Ski Lodge is a great place to stay to start off with, but when the company is fantastic and the snow just right, what more could you have asked for.

We all hired skis (Dale had a go at snowboarding) and made fools of ourselves early on, but when things started to come together we became a little more adventurous and tried moving further up the hills. Matthew cheated (he'd skied before), Natalie took 45 minutes to come down one hill (she bought a half day lift ticket) and the intrepid leader won the award for chickening out the most number of times. It didn't matter though because it was fun, fun, fun both day and night and no-one got hurt.

Next year it will be lift tickets for all of us and watch out Baw Baw!!

Natalie skiing down one of the slopes

Dale shows us how it's down on the snowboard

Bouf has a go in the toboggan

Breakfast time.

Tim, Daniel and Matthew tuck into breckie while Natalie watches on.

The entrance to our home for the weekend.

Baw Baw Ski Hire.

Matthew and Daniel wait in line for their skis while Dale contemplates his decision to try a snowboard.

By the end of the weekend this flag pole was sitting high and dry in the middle of the road as the snow had receded so much.

The ski tow on Tank Hill (beginners) run.

Looking up Tank Hill run.

You just never know who you'll find. The gentleman (?) in the white top on the left is Mick Fraser, the DVSL from Werribee. Is there nothing this man can't do?

Tim and Matthew on their roster stoking the fire.

Dale, Tim, Ambre and Daniel at tea.

The first time I say 'no uniform', what does everyone else wear for tea on the Saturday night?

Just in case you were wondering, the Investiture was held on the Roadrun, at night, in the dark and the freezing cold. The only warm one was Bouf who wore his own fur coat.

Next day we were up bright and early all bushy tailed - NOT! Ambre and Dale had to show Tim how to put his shoes on!!

Bouf loved the snow getting into the spirit in a snow ball fight.

The mighty Venturer Mobile made it there and back even towing a trailer.

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