Canoe Charge Certificate Days

On Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th February, the Unit held its first Activity for 2002 - having a go at our Canoe Charge Certificates on the Werribee river at (wait for it) Werribee. Again we were joined by Chris from Central Venturers to help with our numbers. Also on the course were Scouts and Leaders from 1st Kiings Park to make it an all Brimbank activity.

The weekend was proceeded by a night's theory in the hall where we learnt the finer points of paddle stokes and what to do on the water in the case of emergency.

A minor hiccup along the way was finding out our canoes weren't quite in the condition we thought they were. Never mind, yet another hurdle we have overcome on our way to having a good time.

Matthew and Ambre refine their sanding techniques in an effort to get our craft ready for the big weekend ahead. Might I add, this was done on the Friday night before we went!!

Of course what would any course be without the obligatory 'we need you to listen to this' speech. Here all the pupils on the Level 1 Canoe Charge Certificate course listen intently to Mick as he goes through the do's and don'ts of canoeing and warns of the dangers of the water.


Here we are, all watching on intently as Daniel and Ambre are first on the water in our newly repaired canoes.

Let's see. In the theory sessions we were told to brace ourselves like that and then step into the canoe like this. Hey, this is easy!!

After the formalities, we are into our first activicty - um, water hockey, polo thingy. The idea was to use all the strokes we had been taught to manouver the boats to get a soft ball through the gates. Of course, seeing there were Scouts and Venturers involved, a big accident ocurred resulting in two boats capsizing.

"Oh Goody!!" cry the instructors. "A chance to try deep water recoveries!!"

Of course the proper use of the 'goals' were slalom gates and here Chris and Matthew show us how to do it properly.

Then, after showing us the correct way of slaloming, what's left to do but to show everyone the correct way to empty all the water out of your boat.

After lunch its back on the water to try more strokes and more deep water rescues. Unfortunately, no-one told the instructor's canoe the instructors were supposed to be in the boat!! Fortunately, Ambre and Daniel were quickly on the scene to perform the rescue.

Matthew and Chris thought it was appropriate to offer moral support.

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