Expedition Down The Campaspe River

After considerable planning and heartache, Ambre, Matthew, Kieran, Daniel, Chris (ex Central Venturers) and Tim (Point Cook Venturers) undertook their expedition down the Campaspe River over the weekend of 25th, 26th and 27th November.

The idea was they would travel down stream from a point near Goornong to Avonmore on day 1, a distance of 17km. Day 2 would be from Avonmore to Elmore, 12km. Little did they know that day 2 would take about the same time even though it was 5km shorter. I wonder why?

Despite there being water restrictions in Melbourne and days of Total Fire Ban being called in the area of the trip, the water level in the river was higher than we expected. Never the less, as can be seen by some the photos, the trip was a little more difficult than expected.

Would they do the trip again? Probably not for a long time.

This trip would probaly not have gone ahead if it wasn't for the generousity of the Burnside Community Fund which enabled us to purchase all the life jackets used on this expedition


Ambre and Daniel Do It In Style - The Movie

We traveled to Ambre's grand parent's place on the Friday night. They live 15 minutes from our starting point which gave us the opportunity to pack everything in readiness for the following day.

Chris makes friends very easily. If he only knew what was ahead, he could have used them to help carry the canoes.

Bright and early on Saturday morning we were greeted by bacon and eggs a la Chris. He did the cooking, but Tim, Kieran and Matthew had to do the washing up. There's a first time for everything!!

Chris ready for action.

Daniel tries his best to stop Matthew from making him look like a clown as well.

The beginning of the end. Our intrepid canoers on the water at the beginning of day one.

Away they go. Hey, are you sure Elmore is that way?

The support team bought out the drinking water to the overnight camp.

Ambre's mum (and the canoe tow person for the weekend) helped out with some running repairs to the P.F.D.'s on the weekend.

It was a very hot day, so it was out of the water with the canoes to make way for swimming.

Kieran was that keen on getting wet, so Matthew helped.

Contemplating (or was that recovering from) a days rowing before the well deserved swim.

The water must have been good, they spent enough time in it during the day.

Now I wonder if this branch will hold his weight. Probably not.

Day two and we say a fond farewell to Avonmore. If only they knew what was ahead.

Water was only ankle deep and our heavy persons didn't quite make it past the ground. Nice little walk round a few corners.

One of the 1st obstacles, nothing much? Was I wrong!

We all wished we could cut the logs into tiny pieces. After 17 on the 1st day and 15 on the second, we new every type of tree that that river could hold.

Daniel just making sure they were doing it right.

Chris and Matt were the only ones to SINK for the whole weekend.....and they did it 5 times!!!

And well with a little help from everyone we soon fixed the problem (only to have to do it four more times).

Once again me (Ambre) and Daniel made it over with ease and laughed at everyone else who tried.

Under, round, over seemed to be all we knew.

Elmore was only round the corner from here (so I kept saying) but all we seemed to find was more logs.

Tim and Kieran cross the finish line.

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