Venturer Night @ 50th Melbourne Gang Show

On Friday 28th June, we celebrated Melbourne Gang Show's 50th Anniversary by attending it's Venturer Night.

A bit of background here. Over the past few years various members of the Unit have been part of the cast of the show. This year Ambre, Jason, Kieran and Tim (our linker from Reservoir) were in the cast while Lesley (Ambre's mum), Elaine and Lindsay (Kieran's folks) and Pat (Tim's mum) were helping out backstage. Even the intrepid leader helped in box office.

So, not only were the rest of us supporting the Unit, but we could also use the night as part of the Expressions Award and have fun at the party afterwards.

This page is not only to show you the fun we had, but it's also dedicated to the efforts of all the actors and those behind the scenes who's efforts went to make a really great show.

It appears no-one actually took photos of the night or the party afterwards, so these photos are of the goings on during the rehearsals and backstage.

To say that Bouf was adopted by the Catering Team is an understatement. Where they went, Bouf went - what they did, Bouf did. Here he goes shopping with them at the weekend rehearsal.

Breakfast the following day was bacon, eggs, tomatoes and mushrooms. Just what you need after a big night.

Kieran is second from the left. The other two I will leave up to your imagination. And what were they doing? Well if you'd seen the show you would know.

Bouf made it on stage in act 1. This is costume.

The big 50th cake as served to the cast.

After the cake was cut, Ambre and Kieran tried sharing their portions.

Ambre shows the result.

Camden and Jason have a discussion on the best way to find their children in 'Hansel and Gretel ..... the version Gang Show'

Ah, there's nothing like a piece of good,old slapstick. Pity about the audience in the front row.

Jason during his solo 'South America'.

Steph, another friend of the Unit from way back.

Kieran likes 'Walking In The Rain'.

Damien, Kieran and Tim.

Our old friend Lisa and Ambre at a rehearsal.

Jason and his patrol.

Kieran and Tim with the rest of their patrol.

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