Hoadley Hide - Wild, Wild West

Blackwood Campsite

Story and Photos by Natalie

Over the Easter period, I attended the 'Hide' with members of 1st Hoppers Crossing. These photos we taken throughout the Hide and it was great fun. This year Hoadley Hide was held at Blackwood. We set off and I was very determined to go and win. Overall we came 3rd and I was quite happy with my efforts. Thanks to all the leaders, Rovers and Venturers who made it possible.

This is Murray (Hoppers Xing), me and Kevin (Hoppers Xing). It was taken at 7.30am Friday morning. It was extremely cold.

Friday morning bumming around with my mates Phill, Jamie and Heath.


At the start point - 'See no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil'.

At one of the stunts. Here's our other team member on the far right - Shaun and our new mate 'Osama Bin Potatoe'

For this stunt we had to catch (throw a rock at) wooden animals). I hit it, so as my punishment I had to ride the bull.

.......so did Kevin.

'Billy-Bob', Billy-Billy' and 'Billy-Joe' with 'The Inebriator'.

When 2 litres of mixed red cordial goes into it, let me tell you when you giggle at the wrong time, it comes out your nose.

Sunday night V.O.C.. My buddies Dale (Macedon), Edwin (Sandringham), me, Andrew (Hoppers Xing), Teigan (Yullaba), Matt (Upwey). Front row: Murray, Camo and Kevin (Hoppers Xing).

My buddies from Sandringham.

Left to Right: Tom, Hugh, Seb, Tom and Edwin.

Me with Briony (right) and her mate in the middle.

'Sandy Girls' - Julia, Sarah, Stephanie and Liz (in any order).

Werribee leaders stunt!! This was the best stunt over the whole of Hoadley Hide. It was gory and very funny with a lot of laughs throughout.

Gang Show stunt: I had to pour a drink blindfolded. I did it. For this we also did corn spitting. It was fantastic. 10/10 for this one.

This group wouldn't stop singing all Hide. Eventually, I went up and said 'hello' and became one of them. Ben (with sunnies on his head), me (wearing yellow beanie and borrowed leg warmers) and Jess (in the orange).

Jess (Doveton), me and Grant (Craigieburn) hanging around.

Me and Jess resting out front of First Aid.

Craigieburn and Sunbury people. What's that Grant? You burnt your tongue?

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