Natalie's Queens Scout Presentation

Saturday 3rd August saw the culmination of 2 and half years work by Natalie - her Queens Scout presentation. I don't know which was more traumatic, the badge work or the organisation of the presentation, but now it's all over and we can relax.

Natalie broke and wrote many records on her way, from stacking the most number of milk crates at her first V.G. through to being the first ever female Queens Scout at 1st Deer Park. No matter which way you look at it, Natalie deserves every accolade.

There were many, many people at our hall on the day with speakers from Natalie's Brownie days through to the present all giving Natalie well deserved praise for her efforts in obtaining her Queens Scout.

The cake (obviously!)

Lesley hard at it getting the refreshments ready while Ambre and Matthew offer moral support.

The Unit at work, Roger (GL), Matthew, Ambre, Kieran, Daniel, Natalie and Tim.

Now the hall's beginning to fill up.

Natalie finds out what her Guide Leaders remember about her time in Guides.

Norma kept it brief with the usual 'in joke' or two, or three, or four. Just what Natalie got up to on those training courses we will never know.

The intrepid leader explains what the Venturer passport means while Ambre and Roger (Group Leader) look on.

Natalie lights candles representing each of the Scout Laws.

Matthew, Daniel, Tim and Ambre wait patiently (?) for Natalie to recite the Laws.

Mike (District Commissioner) preparing to present Natalie with her Queen's Scout Charge.

Natalie re-affirming her Scout Promise.

Roger, Ambre and Natalie breath a collective sigh of relief as it's nearly all over.

Natalie with her Brownie and Guide Leaders.

Paul (dad), Natalie and Judy (mum).

Natalie cutting 'the cake'.

Watched by many others.

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