Our Weekend On The Shipwreck Coast

After years of planning (the Intrepid Leader takes a while to get things together sometimes), we finally made the trip to the shipwreck coast on the weekend of the 24th and 25th of August. Due to a clash of dates (it was also Tim's Green Cord presentation amongst other things) only Ambre, Daniel and Matthew took the trip down to Warrnambool.

The weekend wasn't just for chasing shipwrecks. We camped out at the back of a friend's diary farm which gave us the opportunity to milk a few cows if we wanted to and the intrepid leader took along his old trail bike for everyone to have a bash on if they wanted to - if only we could have got it going. It had also been very wet in the week leading up to our arrival which made it a bit gooey under foot (if you know what I mean, given that it was a dairy farm). If anyone is interested, the score in cards (Hearts) was Daniel 56, Ambre 54 and the intrepid leader 46.

It was also VERY cold at night!!

Our Movies

A tranquil view of the waves at the 12 Apostles

Matthew tries the flying fox at Lake Pertobe

Bouf has a go on the junior flying fox

The day dawns and what a day it was. The fog came in just before dawn when it was about -2 degrees!

Our home amongst the gum trees.

Daniel and Ambre make a start on brekkie. Matthew aws still thawing out in bed.

Lunchtime at Lake Pertobe in Warrnambool. Ambre, Matthew and Daniel not only fed themselves, but the gullybirds as well.

I'm sorry Ambre you can't take them home with you.

We figured that Bouf was under 12 years old so he could go on this flying fox by himself.

But he needed Ambre's help to go on the big one.

Believe it or not, there is a whale out there somewhere. You can see it better in the bigger picture.

Daniel, Matthew and Ambre at Logans' Beach whale watching platform.

Meanwhile, back at the farm the mooeys wait patiently to be milked.

It comes out of them and goes into here.

Harry (the bloke in the gumboots) does his thing, while Matthew and Ambre watch on.

See, it's easy. Even Ambre can do it.

Hand feeding the calves just like a real farmer's wife.

And after a big day sightseeing, what better way to start the night by getting smoked out sitting around the fire having tea.

Bouf was suitably impressed.

The sun was out and a bear gets a big thirst.

Matthew, Bouf and Daniel take a breather before we move on.

A display about the Loch Ard, Eva Charmichael and Tom Pearce.

Daniel and Ambre ponder the fate of the those shipwrecked all those years ago.

The mouth of the gorge looking from above the beach.

The cave where Eva Charmichael sheltered

Deep inside the cave.

After the walk around Loch Ard gorge, Bouf decided it was time for an ice-cream.

Daniel, Ambre and the intrepid leader take in the sights and sounds at London Bridge.

BOUF!!! What are you doing?? I told you to go before we left!!

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