Ice Skating

While some of the Unit attend Gang Show rehearsals, the rest meet with the District. Even so, we still needed to meet as a Unit to keep in touch, discuss Unit issues and generally have fun. On Wednesday 22nd May, we did all this (with other members of the District and a few friends) at the Olympic Ice Skating rink in Oakleigh.

It was a great (cold, but great) night when a few of us showed skills we didn't know we had.

We even have a movie of the members of the Unit skating around the rink.

What started out as a quiet night proved to be quite busy.

There was a bus load of Guides amongst others making a perfect night to make absolute fools of ourselves.

But wait, here's Maggie and Chris actually skating with no help from anyone.

Maggie and Ambre were just clowning around in the centre of the rink,

when up comes this bloke wearing a beanie and he starts showing them how to do spins, twirls and other exotic stuff.

Do you know the most amazing thing?....Both Maggie and Ambre were quite good at it!!!

Lee, Matthew, Daniel, Maggie, Ambre, Natalie, Chris and Brendan.

All showing off as usual.

Daniel and Matthew hard at it 'talking' to one of the girls at the rink. I think someone should tell them she's old enough to be their mum.

Bouf came along also to offer moral support to all the novice skaters. Pity we couldn't find a pair of skates to fit him as I'm sure he could have showed us a thing or two.

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