Water Activities @ Waranga Basin

Do you get the impression we like hanging around the water???....You might be right as the first three main activities of the year have been based around it.

Over the weekend of the 15th and 16th of March, we headed off to Waranga Basin (near Rushworth) yet again for a fun packed weekend of water ski-ing, donuting, sailing, canoeing and paddleboarding. This is the third time we have done this and the second time we have had absolutely perfect weather. The first time we tried (in November 2000) we were well and truly rained out. As the photos show, the water was well down this year which made it very muddy and soft under foot (more on this later) but the wading out to the boat only heightened the enjoyment.

The lure of the dollar was strong for a few of the Unit with them enable to join us due to work commitments. Never the less, our linking Scout, Matthew, another Scout Kristy and Lisa from 1st Epping Venturers were able to come along. Thanks also to an old Venturer, Mathew who towed the power boat there for us.

Although we had all manner of water craft available on the weekend, most of these photos centre around the power boat. Maybe next year we will see more use of the others or check out last year's trip.

Ready and raring to go at the hall. (L to R) Mathew, the intrepid leader, Chris, Kristy (a Scout), Matthew, Ambre and Lisa (1st Epping).
When you get there, first things first - feed the stomach. As you can see, we did it easy with tables and chairs. Even Bouf had some lunch.
A lack of rain and continuing irrigation meant the water level at Waranga was way down. So far down in fact that is was about 500 metres from the tents to the water. This necessitated us driving across what was the bottom of the lake to get anywhere near the water.
You get an idea of how far the water has receded when you see the access lane markers high and dry behind the cars. Of course this means that some of the ground has a hard crust, but underneath .......
Yep, you guessed it. The story goes something like this. The boat was at the end of a spit of land in shallow water, it was a long way for us to walk back and the keys were in the car. Ambre (learning to drive, big in heart, little on experience) decided to come and get us. Judicious use of the excellerator saw the Venturer-mobile down to the axles. Luckily, Mathew was handy with the ute and a tow rope or we still be there. Unfortunately, we were so busy trying to get the car out of the mud that no-one thought to take a photo until later on.
Sunday saw us up bright and early (like about 8.30am) having breaky. Some of us didn't even get out of our jarmies.
As you can see, its just as well there aren't too many people around as we take up quite an area when we spread ourselves out.
The next five photos are really a sequence that shows the intrepid leader really can ski even though he is over the hill. Here he is psyching himself into it.
Up, up and away!! (maybe I need a bigger motor on the boat).
Look!!!....I really can do it....First the right side.
Then the left.
Look Mum ..One Hand !! Did I ever suffer the next day.
Mathew (the boat tow person) can only manage a straight ski behind the boat. Later on, he was getting air over the wake as he went side to side. Not bad for someone who only skis once or twice a year.
Even Bouf has a go at steering the boat. As usual, he was showing off and steering while facing the wrong way.
Now Mark and Christine, I don't wont you to worry, but your daughter has a strange way of getting into a donut.
I don't know whereabouts in the manual Lisa and Mathew found this maneuver, but I'm sure it must be in there somewhere. I think it would have been easier if Mathew wasn't trying to rip Lisa's life jacket off as she was getting in.
Mark and Chris - now is the time to worry!!!! Donuts were only made for one person even if the photo does show some air under the other one.
I don't know what Mathew and Lisa were up to (nor do I want to), but they seemed to be having lots of fun doing it.

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