Anything Goes 2003

On the weekend of 22nd and 23rd of February, 6 members of the Unit ventured down to Lardiner Park near Warragul to attend Anything Goes 2003. This was our 2nd year at A.G. and our first time at Lardnier Park, an old A.G. and V.G. stomping ground.

With us this year we had Kristy (doing her link from Scouts), Dean who is new to the Unit and Sarah a friend from Gang Show. All three acquitted themselves very well fitting into the spirit of A.G. very quickly by participating in the activities, making new friends (and catching up with old ones) and generally finding out that there's more to Venturers than the award scheme.

The only downside to the weekend was the weather. I think everyone who was there could say that they have never slept (well stayed out over night anyway) in such a strong wind. Most of the Unit abandoned their tents and slept the Saturday night in the pavilions.

The Intrepid Leader 'helped out' early on day one by marshalling the Venturers who were having a go at driving these cars. Autos to the right, manuals to the left please.

Now here's Oddie. What are you doing at A.G. Oddie? If you're learning to drive, then someone should tell you that Camrys have electric mirrors.

What's going on in the cattle sales pavillion?

Jelly wresting of course.

There was all sorts of competitions undertaken in the arena, including.......


What the heck, it looks good anyway.

Dean readies himself for some real carnage. Let me see, clutch on the left, brake on the right, black round things on the ground.

Ooops. So close Dean yet so far. This is a shot of the organisers attempting to get Dean's bike fit for riding again. If you have a good, close look you can see the fence post at its new angle.

This is more like it. So tuition on how to ride a motorcycle before you get on is a good idea after all.

Tim (blue top behind the red top) and Kristy (light blue jacket) get ready to show everyone else how its done.

Go Tim , what style, what panache, what's 2nd gear?

Kristy flat out on the PeeWee 80 at 15kph. At least she didn't fall off or hit anything/one!!

And then the wind picked up. Please note the shape of the fly on the tent in the foreground.

Libby (you remember Libby, she's the one blowing fire at the Venture), Kieran, Damien, Brendan and Tim gather supplies of tang for the night.

And the wind picked up even further. Peter decided two guys on the awning to his tent was the order of the day (night). Later on he gave up and tied the thing up.

Weird photo hey!! This was taken inside my tent at 3.30am and shows the wall of my tent caving in on me in the wind. The only thing from stopping it from blowing onto me was the esky.

Later that morning and the wind is still blowing my tent into this shape. I found out the next day that sailing at the Victorian Guide Scout Sailing Centre at Sandringham was almost cancelled due to lack of wind. We must have had their share and then some.

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