Dean's Investiture

at Calder Park Raceway

Various members of the Unit have from time to time brought up the idea of going out to Calder Park (a motor racing circuit about 20 minutes to our north) to watch motor racing of some sort. When Dean suggested he be invested at Calder we jumped at the idea of combining his investiture with a night out at the Off-Street, Legal Drags.

Now, I don't know if many of you have ever been to Calder Park, but I can assure you on the night of 21st March, it should have been called Colder Park. Due to its proximity to the area in which we live, I have been to the track many times but this was one of the coldest nights at an activity I have ever spent.

These photos show not only the drags, but also parts of the burnout contest, our Unit's entry into Melbourne Gang Show's poster competition and Dean's Investiture.

Early in the night, the crowds and action were very thin on the ground. The only good part was the sun was still up.

Some of the cars were quite quick (for street cars). But no matter quick they were, it was still difficult to accept them as 'quick' in comparison to the door-slammers, top alcohol and top fuellers we were used to seeing .

Dean, Kieran, Rachael, Mark, Andrew and Bouf shiver through the action.

Daniel, Matthew, Homer and Ambre watch the action in the dark.

We had the opportunity to do this thanks to the management of Calder Park who allowed us onto the track after the night's events had concluded.

Kieran, Ambre, Dean, Daniel and the Intrepid Leader get ready for Dean's investiture. If Ambre looks cold its because she was.

Rachael cheated by putting her uniform on over her other clothes.

It was the longest affirmation of the Scout Promise of all times. The fact the Dean's teeth chattered most of the way through it did help.

Please note the number of the Unit's members who's shirt is not tucked in!! It's because most of them are wearing 2 pairs of pants and 3 tops.

Time to present the badges.

Daniel and Ambre present Dean with his epaulettes.

The intrepid leader doing his usual explanation of the District Badge.

The strange look on Ambre and Kieran's faces is because the only way the Intrepid Leader could ensure the badges were sewn on in the correct place was to staple them on.

Our ceremony comes to a close with one of the officials from Calder Park watching on.

At the end of the night, Matthew and Daniel decided to have their own 'Quarter Mile Dash' which actually only lasted about 50 metres. I'm told it comes with old age!!

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