Our Visit To Nelson Bros Funeral Home

After much organisation and changing of dates, on December 1st the Unit paid a visit to Nelson Brothers funeral home in Sunshine. It was designed to be a part of Citizenship and Vocations with the funeral directors given a list of questions we would like answered. Unfortunately they didn't get our questions, but never the less they provided an excellent powerpoint presentation on the history of Nelson Brothers and the sort of services they offer.

You'd be surprised the sorts of things Nelson Brothers do, not only just funerals but also grief counseling to name but one. They even have a library of information covering any and all parts of death and dying that people are welcome to use.

After the presentation, we were shown around the funeral home including the viewing room where some the coffins and caskets are on display. Unfortunately, the mortuary is at their Footscray premises. Maybe next time.

I'd recommend a trip to a funeral home for any Venturer Unit. Its a service we all have to use one day and it pays to know what to do.

Adrian Nelson (the company's Business Manager) gave the Unit and excellent presentation on all aspects of the Nelson Brothers business.

and the Unit listened intently (sometimes).

Matthew examines one of the caskets and wonders if he would fit?

The difference between a casket and a coffin is shape. This is a casket and it has a sprung false base so the deceased can be propped up for all to see explains Don from Nelson Brothers - ewwwooooooo.

and it's yours for only $15,000 (or thereabouts).

And down here there is a special little place to put all the important bits you need to take with you. I don't think the Unit could work out what you could take with you.

Don (looking quite the part, all he needed was a tape measure) explaining to the Unit all the different ornaments you could have on the coffin or casket.

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