Daniel and Kieran Won Hoadley Hide

Over Easter, Kieran and Daniel joined with Shaun, Chris and Tim from 1st Craigieburn to tackle and the 'Good v's Evil' Hoadley Hide at Mt Disappointment. The photos and comments are courtesy of Kieran.

We did a lot of hiking to get extra points and did every stunt. We planned our hiking as a team. We were the first to leave the V.O.C. ) Venturer Overnight Camp) and hiked all day. We went to bed early and got up early and on the last night we partied until the Rovers sent us to bed at 3.00am. We had fun as a team and worked as a team and laughed a lot. First thing when we got home was a SHOWER and then SLEEP .........


Day one before our team started hiking. From the left - Shaun (1st Craigieburn), Daniel, Chris (1st Craigieburn), Kieran and Tim (1st Craigieburn).

The hiking team on the job.

Some of the teams wore costumes but we all had our Ventue2003 t-shirts so we wore them for 4 days. Nobody noticed the smell because every Venturer smelt the same. (Editors note: according to Tim's mum, it was nothing compared to after the 10 days of the Venture!)

Shaun, Chris, Daniel, Tim and Kieran with the Hoadley Hide. Our team won a copy of the Hide, a pennant and a tent. 1st Craigieburn kept it all.

At the end, all in Uniform tired, smelly and happy.


7th Hoppers Crossing 'Kulamunga Rover Crew' and their stunt 'Stalag 13'.

The modern day Sgt Shultz. He knows nuuthing, nuuuuuthing (just like most Rovers).

Um, Er. I don't know what this has to do with the Hide, but it was in the photos Kieran gave the Intrepid Leader to put up on the page.

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