Andrew, Kristy and Mark's Investitures

Life is a little complicated some times, so what you say. Well, life got a little complicated for Andrew, Kristy and Mark in June 2003 when they wanted to go to the Melbourne Gang Show's Venturer Night party. What's so complicated about that you say. Well even though they all have tickets, the only way you can get into the party is by being invested Venturers and neither of them were that.

So what did we do about it. We invested them of course. Big deal you say. It is if the three of them can't decide where they wanted to be invested! The Intrepid Leader came up with Mt Macedon (about 45 minutes to the west) so off to Mt Macedon it was with the wind blowing at more than 30 knots and the temperature hovering at around the brisk 5 degree mark. To say that it was an invigorating Investiture is an understatement. We achieved the 2 blokes before retiring to the McDonalds playground in Taylors Lakes for Kristy's Investiture and supper.


How cold was it? Cold enough for us to stay rugged up against the wind as we prepare to invest Mark into the Unit.

Mark re-affirms his promise as the Intrepid Leader and Ambre's teeth chatter.

Ambre congratulates Mark and welcomes him into our Venturer Unit.

Next it was Andrew's turn, complete with Beanie and hands in pockets.

Does Ambre's body language during Andrew's promise mean something?

Arr, the warmth of the Taylors Lakes McDonalds playground gave us reason to remove the jumpers and coats for Kristy's investiture.

Kristy re-affirmed her promise,

and Ambre presented Kristy with her epaulettes.

Then as a surprise, the Intrepid Leader presented Ambre with her Community Involvement and Adventurous Activities Certificates.

Then it was out to taste what McDonalds are famous for.

Daniel even gave the Mario Golf an go on the in-store Nintendos,

While Andrew and Ambre decide to do a Venturer thing, make a vanilla/chocolate shake by pouring one down the straw of another and all over the table.

Andrew, Kristy, Ambre and Mark all offer their assistance to Daniel at Donkey Kong.

Hey Daniel, its supposed to be yours hands on the control! So where are you hands?

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