Ambre's Queen's Scout Presentation

After some stresses and a few arguments Ambre finally achieved her Queens Scout (as if there was any doubt, hey Ambre?). The big night was held on 23rd August and was attended by all and sundry. Ambre had been a stalwart of the Unit for the 3 years she had been a member. She had been Unit Chairman for most of her time and she never missed an activity. A more deserving Queens Scout we will be hard pressed to find.

As time goes by and the Intrepid Leader becomes more experienced at this Queens Scout business, the invite list becomes bigger and bigger. For Ambre's presentation we invited all the local dignitaries and was fortunate enough to have the Victorian Minister for Police and Emergency Services (and local MP) the Hon. André Haemeyer as a guest. The Hon member for Kororoit is a Queens Scout himself and was only too pleased to attend. Thanks André.

The front page of the STAR newspaper.

Tuesday 19th August 2003.

Page 7 of the ADVOCATE newspaper.

Tuesday 19th August 2003.

The night is almost ready with the table set and Ambre surveying her domain.

The intrepid leader kicks the night off with Bouf's help.

Ambre's former Brownie Leader (yes, Ambre was a Brownie!!!!) gives a brief description of what Ambre was like way back then. Notice any resemblance between the Intrepid Leader, Kristy and the former Brownie Leader? Guess why that may be.

Alleyne (Guide District Leader) and Cheryl (former Guide Leader) gave Ambre a real roasting when it came their turn. It was so bad, Ambre had to hide behind the flag - not really).

Ambre listens intently as Alleyne tells everyone about Ambre's achievements in the time she was in Guides (until she moved to the Khaki side).

Kristy reads Ambre's achievements for her Adventurous Activities Award. Notice the resemblance yet?

Linda (Ambre's netball coach) presenting Ambre with her Adventurous Activities Award.

Rachael reads Ambre's achievements in the Personal Growth area of the Queens Scout Award. No resemblances here.

Matthew reads Ambre's achievements in the area of Leadership Development. Thank goodness there is no resemblance.

Tim finishes off with Ambre's achievements in the area of Community Development. The only resemblance here is with our old friend Steph.

Ambre lit each candle as she recited the ten Scout Laws. Next time, the Intrepid Leader must remember to have matches at the ready.

Like most Queens Scout awardees, Ambre's decision as to who was to present her Queens Scout Badge was not taken lightly. For her Norma Tomass (a former VL and training course convener) was the logical choice.

Micheal (Oddie) and Shaun, both from Derrimut Rovers, present Ambre with her Queens Scout log.

Daniel and Matthew present Ambre with the Unit's gifts.

Nothing 'X-Rated' from the Unit, but cuddly RDA horse. The Intrepid Leader was suitable surprised, thank you Daniel.

We were lucky to have André Haemeyer (our local MP and Queens Scout himself) give a talk on the importance of the Queens Scout and Scouting in the community.

After the formal presentations it was Ambre's turn. She gave a moving speech thanking all the appropriate people.

Her Ambre presents Marg (her RDA coach) with her thank you gift.

One of Ambre's thank you gifts was this red hanky to Norma. The history behind the red hanky will go down the annals of Venturer training course history. The history is.....well, you'll have to ask any Venturer.

The last of the 'thank yous'. Now I wonder what's in the bottle and I wonder how she knew what the Intrepid Leader likes.

How could we let Andre go without a photo with the Unit.

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