Our Road Trip

Sunday 28th September to Friday 3rd October

On our trip to the Shipwreck Coast in August 2002 Ambre, Daniel, Matthew and the Intrepid Leader tossed around the idea of running a 'Road Trip' during a schools holidays sometime in 2003. We decided not to broadcast this generally within the Unit in case the idea died a natural death, but as time went by enthusiasm grew and the road trip became a reality.

This and the next 5 pages show the fun we had and the things we saw. There were some high lights and some low lights and all the times in between. Suffice to say any future trip the Tarago takes through Albury will be done very carefully. Also, anyone who ever suggests that I drive through Sydney at night in the rain had better be saying it running.

One of the high lights was the comradeship amongst the Venturers. They worked as a real team and just to prove it and as an indication of the fun we had at night I include on the following pages the results from the 'Road Trip World Series of Cards'. Lesley, Mark, Dean and the Intrepid Leader played 500. What a laugh !!!


Day 1

28th September

We met at the hall at 8.00am for a leisurely drive up the Hume Highway to Gundagai. On the way we stopped at Glenrowan (Ned Kelly Memorial) and Albury (an accidental stop and Ettamougah Pub - lunch), The night was be spent in Gundagai.

Day 2

29th September

First major stop on day 2 was at Snake Gully (Dog on the Tucker Box). Then it was off the main highway for a drive through the mountains to Cowra to see the remains of the only POW breakout on Australian soil. We also visited the Australian / Japanese war graves here before proceeding to our overnight stop at Parkes.

Day 3

30th September

After a leisurely get up in the morning, we took a trip up the Newell highway to visit the C.S.I.R.O. Radio Telescope - more commonly referred to as 'The Dish'. A short day's drive away is Bathurst, the first settlement in inland Australia and the spiritual home for petrol heads - Mount Panorama. We had a look through the Australian Motorsport Museum at the entrance to the circuit before Kieran and our regular drivers did a couple of laps of the circuit (one each way). We will be stayed overnight in Bathurst.

Day 4

1st October

Another short day in distance with lots to see along the way - or so we thought. After leaving Bathurst we proceeded to Jenolan to tour the Lucas Cave before heading towards Katoomba. We were going to have a look at the Three Sisters and have a ride on the Scenic Railway and Skyway, but the weather was poor and time was getting away from us. Just as well we didn't as the trip down the mountain to Emu Plains (our overnight stop about 60 km from Sydney) was very slow and we didn't get in until after 6.00pm.

Once everything was up, we had showers and the boys had made themselves beautiful (that took a loooooong time for some) it was off to look for a restaurant for tea. I can recommend the The Nepean Waterside Restaurant in Memorial Avenue, Penrith (02) 4732-3122. They went out of their way to accommodate us at 9.30 at night.

Day 5

2nd October

Another late start on our way to a fun day at Australia's Wonderland. The weather again played funny buggers with us, but this didn't stop it from being a great day. Overnight was back at Emu Plains, but not before we headed off to Sydney for disappointingly wet night. We did get to have a look at the Harbour Bridge (from inside the cars) and those in the Fairlane got to have a prolonged look at the outside of the Casino in Pyrmont while the rest tried to find them. But apart from that, we missed seeing most of the things we wanted to see. One thing the Venturers did do was travel in a double decker train from Grand Central to Penrith - a trip of 1 hour and 50 minutes.

Day 6

3rd October

Our last day was an early riser before we headed off back down the Hume Highway to Melbourne. This was our longest day with stops as Marulan for Lunch and Wangaratta for tea before arriving back at the hall at 10.30pm.


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