Our Night At 1st Taylors Lakes Scouts

On Tuesday 4th March, the Unit paid a visit to 1st Taylors Lakes Scouts as part of a promotional scheme to get more Scouts to come to Venturers. We picked a good night as the Scouts were celebrating Shrove Tuesday by cooking pancakes. Not as good as Maccas, but it filled the hole in Matthew's stomach never the less.

We apologize for the quality of these photos. The photographer needs to learn how to hold the camera still.

Matthew gets his hands dirty cooking pancakes as Daniel and Ambre look on.

Dean watches members of 1st Taylor's Lakes and 1st Keilor Village Scouts prepare to cook pancakes on shrove Tuesday, the night of our visit.

Bouf tries one of the frying pans on for size.

Believe it or not, this is Daniel helping some of the Scouts with their pancake cooking.

More of the Scouts wait patiently(?) for the pancakes to cook.

Andrew pours another batch of 'stuff' into his pan.

Having tried out one of the frying pans, Bouf decide to tuck into a pancake. He lived to tell the story.

At the end of the night, it was time to show everyone a copy of our website to help them get an understanding of our Unit.

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