Top Gun

On the first weekend in April we were supposed to go to Albury to watch the Jet Sprint Boat racing, but a late call from one of our contacts in the Hume District Venturer Council (Hi Shaun!!) saw us change direction and head up to the Region campsite at Riddells Creek to help out with Hume's 'Top Gun'.

Top Gun is a District based activities camp run by the Venturers for the Scouts. It was a great weekend which gave us an excuse to try out our new tent and for some of us to get dressed up. This was also the first big Unit activity for our 5 new members.

Rightly or wrongly, we did it easy at Top Gun with couches out of the den.

Rachael, Ambre, Ian (Gisborne Venturers) and others taking it easy

Let me just clarify something. The theme for this year's Top Gun was 'M*A*S*H'. For those of you who have seen M*A*S*H you'll know about Klinger. The rest of it I'll leave up to you.

We ran 2 activities on the weekend. This one was based on 'Saving Private Barbie' and involved somehow getting a very heavy 'armed personnel carrier' (read troop trailer) out of a ditch using the materials provided.

The only real way of doing this was to build a windlass which is what this patrol is trying to do. Please note the age and gender of most of the patrols at this year's event.

Our second event involved using a bit of initiative (and the campsite's low ropes course) to retrieve a badly (very badly thanks to Ambre's dog) hurt Barbie.

Rest time on the tyre crawl for this patrol while Ambre explains the next part of the activity.

Bouf watched on in his own little swing as Top Gun rolled past.

As their time ran out, the Intrepid Leader tried to explain to each patrol the only way to achieve this stunt. This patrol tried it and got themselves completely confused.

At the end of the day it was time to return to our campsite and some not so well earned R & R.

Like our new tent? It's a Coleman Riverview 8 and one of the best things we ever bought.

Day 2 saw an end the the stunts and a range of new activities provided by the organisers for all to enjoy.

Jelly Wresting is a Venturer favourite. As I write these comments it's 2 weeks after Top Gun is over and Ambre is still getting the jelly out of her hair.

Hmm, do I really need to say anything except why is Tim (Craigieburn Venturers) sitting there if he doesn't intend get jellied?

Sumo wrestling, now there's something different.

Rock climbing one side, abseiling the other.

This is Tim on the right, Rachael (Gisborne Venturers) on the left and Bryanne (Sunbury Scouts) and Kristy watching.

Rachael and Tim are almost to the top while some young dare devil comes down head first.

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