Our Trivia Night

The 30th August saw the second of our Annual Trivia Nights. The last one raised money for the Venture, this one was to bolster the Units funds (to pay back a few of its debts) and help with the Road Trip. It was a great night with lots of people turning up and helping us raise far more money than we could have dreamed of. We can't wait until next year.

The Derrimut Rovers table. The one thing about Rovers tables is you can guarantee they will always outbid one another for the grog.

One of the Melbourne Gang Show tables. This one contained representatives from Catering (and where would we be without them!!!)

The Venturer's table. Long may they lose.

Friends, Venturers, Countrymen !! What was question 6 again? This is Matthew's family's table.

This table was made up of Ambre's friends and relatives.

Kieran's families table gave it good shake. If only they had Elaine's help.

This table gave it a good shake and was always there in the bidding for the auction items. I don't think they actually bought anything though. Funny thing that.

The District Commissioner's (and Andrew's family) table. Hmm, where did all their money come from. Do you mind if I run my eye over the D.A. books???

Mark's table was the eventual winner. Just goes to show, Uni is good for something after all.

Hey, wait a minute! Since when did Kieran go to Rovers?? And what was in that cup?? Shaun, Sarah, Oddie - what are you doing to my Venturers?

Elaine (the MC and Kieran's mum) reads a question while a dispute is settled in the background.

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