Our Extreme Venture

Day Nine - The School O' Fartz

Day Ten - The Closing Ceremony

On day ten, the intrepid leader decided to try and navigate his way around Canberra without a map. The leader's shuttle (which alleviated the need to queue up at GO!) drops you off at Snowgum in Canberra at 11.30am and pick you up again at 3.30pm - what you do in between is up to you. I decided to take in some of the sights and make my way to the War Memorial while the going was good (and I didn't have any Venturer to worry about). Following my return to Cottermouth, I wandered over to the School O' Fartz to see what wonders they had produced that day.

On the last official day of the Venture, the intrepid leader chose to go off site and go sailing on Lake Burley Griffin. It was a fantastic day even made more enjoyable by the hospitality of the LBG Scouts. After tea it was time to unwind and say good-bye to all the friends we had made at the Closing Ceremony and the festivities afterwards. What actually happened that night is best left up to the imagination but at least I got some sleep.

Back at Cottermouth, the Venturers had been hard at work doing, um, er something. I know, they were building a plaster Venturer.

Parts of the body, arms, legs and hands lie in the sun to dry.

The 'Artists' have a well earned break in the shade.

Right next door to the 'School O' Fartz' was 'Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow'. I can't begin to tell you what went on in there.

But this will give you a small idea. The story goes that they needed a hairless head mould for their plaster Venturer and as none of the girls would be in it, Matthew volunteered.

Meanwhile, back in school, slogans were the order of the day.

I'm not sure what this guy was checking off - bands that he was going to see perhaps?

A True Story.

Apart from checklists, other things which were painted on bodies were Anti War slogans. At the time, Australia had just committed troops to support the U.S. in it's fight against Saddam Hussein in the Middle East. Once dry, the slogans were covered in clothes and a trip to GO! was organised to get on a bus into Canberra to see Questacon or the like. Trouble was, Questacon is just a slashing cover drive from the lawns of Parliament House so a game of cricket was called for. Of course, like any Aussie male, you couldn't go to the cricket with your shirt on so with slogans proudly displayed our enterprising Venturers strutted their stuff playing cricket on the lawns of Parliament House until they were ordered off by the Federal Police - several times.

The crown mills awaiting the start of the Closing Ceremony.

Members of the National Youth Forum read out their recommendations to the National Executive Committee for all to hear. There was particular emphasis on the retention of the current uniform which was re-inforced by those on stage. The tall lad is the plaster Venturer referred to a couple of pages back who finally made it in one piece.

The Camp Chief of AV12 handing over the charge of the Venture to the Camp Chief of AV13 to be held at Cataract Park, NSW in January 2006.

The Extremely Fishy leaders - Colin Peake, 'Ronnie' Jones, Steve Burns and Rob Burke.

Part of the live entertainment for the evening was this one man band. The rest started long after the photographer went to bed.

Day One - Our First Day On Site

Day Two - A Day Of Rest

Day Three - The Beach

Day Four - A Jam Packed Day

Day Five - A Good Day's Fishing

Day Six - A Rough Day At Sea


Day Seven - Oysters and Fires Galore

Day Eight - Camp Sights


Day Nine - The School O' Fartz

Day Ten - The Closing Ceremony


Day Twelve - Packing Up and Going Home


AV13 - The 2006 Venture - Cataract Scout Park NSW.


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