Our Extreme Venture

Day One - Our First Day On Site

Day Two - A Day of Rest

The 'on-site' part of the Extreme Venture was held at Camp Cottermouth in Canberra's south west. It was hot, dry and dusty with the smoke of the bushfires off in the distance but, apart from the time we spent away on our expeditions, it was going to be our home for the next 10 days.

After our first night at Cottermouth, the next day was spent getting to know one-another an generally relaxing on-site and at the nearest 'beach'. Later that night it was the Opening Ceremony.

Looking to the left towards the First Aid, Playstation and Movie tents.

Looking to the right and the entrance to the campsite.

Inside the mess tent (before it became a real mess). The (other) three Extremely Fishy leaders (Rob Burke, 'Ronnie' Jones and Colin Peake) tuck into their first cuppa of the Venture.

A didn't take long for the like minded to get together. This is one of the smoker's circles. At least they were near help.

It was extremely hot so we scrounged some extra shelter. Some of the Alpine Walkers joined us to sort through their gear.

Some brought their own pool to escape the heat.

Others went to Casuarina Sands on the shuttle bus.

Ambre queues up to get into the Opening Ceremony in the mess tent.

500 Venturers and leaders crammed into the mess tent makes a lot of noise and a lot of dust!

After the Opening Ceremony, there was a live band. Unfortunately the dust made it difficult to breath let alone see, so the hose was called for (being very mindful of all the electrical equipment of course).

Day One - Our First Day On Site

Day Two - A Day Of Rest

Day Three - The Beach

Day Four - A Jam Packed Day

Day Five - A Good Day's Fishing

Day Six - A Rough Day At Sea


Day Seven - Oysters and Fires Galore

Day Eight - Camp Sights


Day Nine - The School O' Fartz

Day Ten - The Closing Ceremony


Day Twelve - Packing Up and Going Home


AV13 - The 2006 Venture - Cataract Scout Park NSW.


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