Our Extreme Venture

Day Three - The Beach

Day Four - A Jam Packed Day

The day after the Opening Ceremony, it was off to our respective expeditions. The intrepid leader went off to Extremely Fishy at Merimbula. These photos are from the V.O.C. Pacific at Noonameena Scout Camp (opposite the Merimbula - Pambula Golf Course, if you know the area).

We shared this V.O.C. with Extremely Deep, Beach Bums and later on the cyclists from Jindabyne. Our Extremely Fishy expedition leader Alison had arranged four days of excitement for us. We were up at 5.30am (that's in the morning) each day to either be on a boat or catch a tide. It promised to be good fun and good fun it was. Our first day consisted of 8 hours of deep sea fishing (for most), an afternoon surf fishing (for some), an evening learning how to fire breath (if you were interested) and an very late evening prawning. What a day!!

Life's tough. Bouf takes it easy resting in the shade outside his tent.

7.00am at the Merimbula Jetty and we're all packed and ready and raring to go.

Bouf at the helm of our boat. Unfortunately, this boat later blew a motor bringing our day to an abrupt end.

Not to be dissuaded, some of us took to the beach in an attempt to catch as many fish as possible.

Back at the V.O.C., it's meal time again. The Camp Warden, Group Committees and parents in the area looked after us extremely well.

Some of the 100+ Venturers at the V.O.C. sit down to dinner. Anne (from Kirrabas) was later to show us how good a cook she was.

One of the activities we had at the V.O.C. was the old favourite, fire breathing.

It's simple, you take a lighted stick, a mouth full of kero .....

........ and spray.

Later that night (much later), it was time to go prawning. This is Colin and a few of the Venturers examining the catch of prawns, crab and octopus.

Colin and Anne discuss cooking options.

A movie of Libby fire breathing

(Unfortunately you'll have to turn your monitor on it's side as I still can't work out how to rotate the movie).

Day One - Our First Day On Site

Day Two - A Day Of Rest

Day Three - The Beach

Day Four - A Jam Packed Day

Day Five - A Good Day's Fishing

Day Six - A Rough Day At Sea


Day Seven - Oysters and Fires Galore

Day Eight - Camp Sights


Day Nine - The School O' Fartz

Day Ten - The Closing Ceremony


Day Twelve - Packing Up and Going Home


AV13 - The 2006 Venture - Cataract Scout Park NSW.


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