Our Extreme Venture

Day Five - A Good Day's Fishing

Day Six - A Rough Day At Sea

The saying goes "A bad day's fishing beats a good day at work". Well if that is the case, I don't know what I can say about our full day aboard the DELCARA. Our hosts Murray and Trevor certainly knew where the fish were and how to get right on 'the spot'. Our catch consited of Mowong, Schnapper, Rock Cod, two different types of Shark, Flathead, Leatherjacket and Slimey Mackerall (even marinated, they still taste like an oily rag don't they Colin). Even Bouf had a go although I think he was a bit too slow hooking them as I didn't see him actually land anything.

After a good day at sea, we sat down that night to an entre of prawns, crab, octopus and calamari. The main course consisted of flathead mournay and an assortment of other barbequed fish and salads. Life's tough.

Day seven started out just like the day before. The sun was shining, the breaky was filling, the 'pills' had all been taken and the minds were set on another good day's fishing. As we drove past the airport I noticed the wind sock was a little stiffer than the day before but thought no more of it - I should have. Within an hour of us bringing in the first fish we we're back at the jetty letting off 8 of the 11 on board. To say it was a bit rough is stating the obvious. We we're not alone though. One of the other boats followed us in and put off 7. On a positive note, it left lots of room for us to move around!

Some of the crew rest before giving the fish hell off Merimbula.

'Ronnie' all prepared for the weather, the insects and the fish.

Cameron lands the first big one of the day - a Mowong.

Fishing can be tiring work, especially on 4 hours sleep.

After lunch, Luke was back into it and has the interest of the others in his catch.

Bouf gives Brenton a hand with his rod.

Back at camp, Andrew and one of the staff clean the rest of the fish.

While tea was on the barbie, the riders from the 'Jindabyne to The Sea' ride arrived.

Some of the fish on offer after our day aboard the Delclara.

Rob examines the jetty from the fly-bridge and decides whether or not he stays or goes. He decided to stay.

Carlos (East Timor) wasn't part of the Extremely Fishy trip, but what the heck. Everybody else was sea sick and we needed fisherman. He thought the fish were a bit small compared with where he came from.

A short movie of Sea Fox moving to another spot.


Day One - Our First Day On Site

Day Two - A Day Of Rest

Day Three - The Beach

Day Four - A Jam Packed Day

Day Five - A Good Day's Fishing

Day Six - A Rough Day At Sea


Day Seven - Oysters and Fires Galore

Day Eight - Camp Sights


Day Nine - The School O' Fartz

Day Ten - The Closing Ceremony


Day Twelve - Packing Up and Going Home


AV13 - The 2006 Venture - Cataract Scout Park NSW.


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