We Went To Vic Gathering

After many, many changes in the transport arrangements, we finally made it to Vic Gathering at Mafeking Park. There was a few who couldn't make it for the weekend for various reasons, but those who went had a great time socialising, camel riding, socialising, 4WDing, socialising, eating, socialising, bouncing, socialising, getting wet ..... oh well, you get the idea. Again the gods shined upon us with beautiful weather. All I can say is roll on VG 2004.

Ah Kieran, a face only a mother could love.

The intrepid leader once again drew the jumping castle as his 2 hour service time. At least this time it wasn't 'X' rated - rats!!

Rhiannon and Erin (1st Deer Park Guides, and I believe the only Guides at VG) have a bounce.

Hey, there's a familiar face. Why it's, oh you know, her from the Venture 2003 Extremely Fishy expedition.

Canoeing on the dam at the bottom of the property was something new.

As was mud wrestling in one of the mudbash water holes. Its about the only use it gets these days.

Including Daniel and an old flame (I'll let you work out which one it was).

What Rovers do best, sit around doing nothing. Actually, they're making up fire twirling sticks. By the way, there's a bit of a common thread here - James, Andrew and Fiona (hiding) are all Gangshow people. Hmm. Gangshow, fire twirling - hey Rob, I have an idea for next years' show.

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