We Visited a Brimbank Council Meeting

On Tuesday 24th February and following a visit from Brimbank Councillor Natalie Suleyman to our District meeting night, Kristy and the Intrepid Leader along with other members of the District headed off to a Brimbank Council meeting.

In comparison to other Brimbank Council meetings, the night was rather tame. There was no name calling, no interjection from the gallery, the Police weren't even called. Yes, it was a quiet night by standards. The Venturers did learn a bit about the operations of the local Council though.

After the night was over we were invited back to the Councillors Lounge for refreshments and open discussions with the Councillors. All in all it was quiet an enjoyable night.

Councillor Natalie Suleyman signs some of the Central Venturers passports.

Councillor Suleyman and the Venturers in the Council chambers.

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