We Were In Melbourne Gang Show

The 52nd Melbourne Gang Show's 2 acts were 'Fat Cats and Small Fries' - a tale of big city crime tying to take over a small orphanage until ..... and 'Aladdin', well Gang Show's version anyway. Once again 1st Deer Park showed it's strength by providing members for the following areas of the show:


Sarah (Scouts), Heather, Rachael and Kristy (Venturers), Jason (ASL) and Ambre (former Venturer and now Derrimut Rover)


Trish (Heather's mum) and Pat (Tim's mum)


Sheryn (Ashleigh and Sarah's mum), Lesley (Ambre's mum) and Elaine (Kieran's mum)

Box Office:

The Intrepid Leader ably assisted by Bouf.

It was a great season performing to packed houses most nights. It's also a lot of fun with friendships formed that last long after the curtain falls on the season. Most of the Unit tagged along to the Venturer night on the last day of Term 2 and progressed to a very cold and wet 'after party' as well.

There was also a surprise awaiting the Intrepid Leader backstage on the final night. Have a look at the last four photos on this page to see what I mean.

My thanks go to David and Doug from the show's photography department for the photos which I have scanned for this page.

Ophelia Patrol with Kristy and Heather in the front row.

Miranda Patrol with our friend Lisa and Ambre.

Rachael at rehearsals

Alan and the Intrepid Leader in the box office at the Besen Centre.

The catering Team - Sheryn (Ashleigh's mum), Lesley (Ambre's mum), Elaine (Kieran's mum), Kathryn, Matthew, Maria, Christine and Mark (Lisa's folks).


Kristy belting it out - and I don't mean 'A Spoon Full Of Sugar'.

Here's Heather again as one of the commentary girls used to join the scenes in the first act. Boy, was it confusing.

Rachael as a dance hall girl in the first act.

In blue on the left we have Heather, at least I think it is Heather. It was so hard to pick who was who in those wigs !!

Rachael and Ambre strut their stuff in the first act.

Kristy and Rachael (in blue on the left) in one of the dance scenes from the second act.

Aladdin (aka JB) gets ready for his dual to the death at the end of the second act. Just as well he won because I don't think he could of worked out how he was getting home if he was dead.

Esperanza comforts her sick camel Alice (aka Kristy) in her search for true love.

Is Maurice (aka Damien) her true love?? Well if you saw the show you'd know.

P.S. - What happened to Alice's two lumps, I mean humps?

Its finale time and we have Damien, Robyn, Jason, Kristy, Brent (aka Fred) and Mandy in the best Scout uniforms I've ever seen.

Gang Show has developed a tradition of showing who was actually in the costumes. Here Damien and Kristy show the audience who they really are.

Backstage after the show on the final night and the Intrepid Leader is presented with his Silver Arrowhead by the Chief Commissioner of Victoria (Alston Park).

The Chief Commissioner has a laugh at the Intrepid Leader's efforts to deal with a heckler in the cast. He was inquiring how the young female Venturer was getting home that night.

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