Hoadley Hide - Ghosts


Story by Kristy, Rachael and the Intrepid Leader

Photos by Rick and the Intrepid Leader

Over the Easter weekend of 9th to 12th April, the Unit had two groups attend the Hoadley Hide. For those of you who don't know what the Hide is all about, it's a 4 day hiking event where groups of 4 to 6 attempt as many stunts as possible to achieve points and thus become co-holders of 'The Hide'. Interstate Venturers can liken it to Dragon Skin which is a similar type of event.

This year, the two groups had entirely different reasons for attending Hoadley Hide. Kieran and Daniel again teamed up with Chris and Tim from 1st Craigieburn and Glenn 1st Sunbury in an effort to make it back to back wins (it didn't happen unfortunately) while Kristy and Rachael teamed up with Rick from Monash Venturers (and Gangshow) and Dean and Stefan from Belgrave South Venturers just to have fun (we got a UG!!).

Keep an eye in this page and the Hoadley Hide site to see more pictures as they become available.

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Rachael, Rick and Kristy in the driveway at Kristy's trying out the weight of their packs. The smiles soon disappeared!!

Although Rick hiked with Kristy and Rachael, this is his Unit doing their own thing.

A shy Rachael takes rest number 43,576,784,566,849,056

A familiar face is Ross from Gang Show. Now Ross, exactly what is the reason you have the length of hose?

Kristy cutting Zd's in the middle of the day. When else do you sleep on a Venturer activity!!

Kristy being crucified by the others in her hiking group. I've heard of "1st Offense - Crucifixion" but I've never actually seen it put into place. See what happens when you don't keep up!

Another Gang Show member. This one's dear old Damien.

The Pirates won the best stunt, while Mickey and Daffy got awards also.

This is where Kristy and Rachael start their little story!!

For us Hoadley started Thursday night. We met up with old friends (Ben 'n Tori) and made new ones (Brett). Not everyone was there as you were allowed to come Thursday or Friday but us socials need our meeting times! Slept under the stars against a fake door with prickly ground for a fabulous nights sleep (all of about 2 minutes!) hehehe.

Friday was hiking day 1 and we met the rest of our team, did a few stunts and ended up at our VOC with our old friends but not new ones (that sukd completely!) wasn't 2 much of an interesting night (music sukd, people sukd and well we all sukd! ... even the holes in the ground!) but still was ok all in all.

Saturday was more hiking and stunts and a LONG walk, about 11.5KM ... Spent about 1-2 hours at one stunt (Keith Farquar, u guys rule!) ... got to the VOC that ROK'D and we had heaps of fun cept Rach felt a lil sick so she went to bed and also Kieran had been sick during the day so he was asleep too and yes it was in different tents! ... Kristy spent the night with Ben and Daniel and the crazy bunch but soon figured out that she was by herself half asleep in the rain (thank you Ben!) ... nice night of sleep and was woken up by music and rain on Sunday.

Sunday was quite a short hike even though we spent 3 hours at one stunt (Hellsgate Rovers) ... go the shower bombs! ... we then hiked to the Hoadley VOC (by far the best one!) but weren't allowed in so thats where the Venturers took over! ... with our gates made of trees and our leader (go Dave! You're our angel!) We were soon shut down by the 'big guys' and burst into the VOC ... we soon (an hour later!) were allowed into the VOC where we spent the night partying (cept Kristy who was tired 'n went to sleep) ... The vegitable soup from the frat tent was fantastic ... Glenn decided he liked Rachael's so much when he had finished Rachael's he went on to steal someone elses! The boys had an obsession with picking Rachael and Kristy up and "putting" them in rubish bins and fires ... Towards 3 o'clock the next morning Rachael was still up and wide awake (although very cold), about 20 tanks sat around fires and watched a movie on the big screen ... Rach went to sleep eventually!

We were woken up by techno (hell no, techno!) and strange voices ... after packing up and getting site clearance like everyday we went to the stage 'n put our packs down ... We watched Ben, Kim and Brett play basketball and Kristy spoke to Neil (hide cheif and Ben's dad) while Rach drooled (not over Neil!) ... we were soon allowed to hike to the check out where we sung gang show songs on the way there and the West Waverly bunch entertained us with their chants (Heathmont take it up the a**e doo dar doo dar!)... soon after was the food fight that was also shut down by the 'big guys' ... after all the talking and awards we were allowed to go home ... numbers were exchanged and the whole team played well!!

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