30 Laps in the Go-Karts

The Unit went into stall mode early in 2004 with very little being done. Matthew had left the Unit for various reasons but after he attended Daniel's Queen's Scout presentation he wanted to come back - silly boy. Matthew had only been back one night before he suggested a night at the go-karts so off we went. These photos were taken by the Intrepid Leader, Aaron and Heather (who had decided her life was worth more than a few laps with the rest of the Unit).

We go to Auscarts in Port Melbourne and normally go on a Monday night. I can whole heartedly recommend them as the karts are just that bit faster, the track is smooth and they give a good deal to Scout Groups. They also provide a printout of how everyone went, but seeing the Intrepid Leader didn't win he won't post the results here.

The Rovers and Venturers gather around for a group discussion about who is going to win.

Bouf gets the closest he can to riding one of the go-karts.

We gather around to choose what size helmet we need. Matthew, yours is an extra, extra large!

Heather drives off but soon realises the power of the karts and decides she doesn't like it.

Ambre leads two others on the straight ... too bad she isn't actually on the same lap or at the front of the rest!

The Intrepid Leader struts his stuff with his own 'special' helmet, just because he didn't get to wear a hair net!

Mathew going flat stick down the main straight.

Chris follows shortly behind Daniel.

The end arises and every gets out of the karts to find out their quickest laps and where they came ... Andrew came first but that's all I can remember!

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