Kieran's Queen's Scout Presentation

After much planning and changing of dates, Kieran finally managed to hold his Queen's Scout presentation. The date was critical as less than two weeks later it was the big day at Government House. Kieran would look a bit silly if he didn't actually have his Queen's Scout badge the day he met the Governor.

Another interesting thing about the date was that it was only a few days before a Federal election. While this midweek date may have put a few people off attending, it attracted others. On the night, we were fortunate to welcome our sitting Federal Member of Parliament, Brendan O'Connor to say a few words.

The Intrepid Leader starts off with the apologies and then introduces the local member for the House of Representatives, the Hon. Brendan O'Connor.

Brendan gave a speech about getting kids off the streets and into the Scouting movement. Unfortunately, he then had to leave as Kieran's Q/S was only days before a Federal election and Brendan had other commitments.

Jessica Minutoli, who is the Derrimut Ward Councilor for the City of Brimbank, also gave a quick speech and then had to attend to other commitments.

The Venturers and Rovers sat along the side and laughed at the 'in' jokes everyone made. But then again, they laugh at anything anyone says.

Timothy who, as you can see here, is attached to Kieran's side at all times, spoke on Kieran's Personal Growth award

The Intrepid Leader, Kieran and Tim share a joke as they change positions.

Damien, the first of the presenters from Gang Show, talks to the gathering about Kieran's achievements in the area of Leadership Development.

Shane, another Gang member, congratulated Kieran on his efforts in the field of Adventurous Activities.

Community Involvement was covered by Brendan who is a long time friend of Kieran's from his days as a Scout in Sunbury.

Kieran lit the candles of the sections while reciting the Scout Laws.

He even managed the Scout Promise all by himself - what a guy.

Mike Smith, the District Commissioner, presents Kieran the Queens' Scout Charge.

We all know someone special in our lives and to those who have ever had anything to do with Melbourne Gang Show, Don McLeod is that person.

Don congratulates Kieran after presenting him with his Queen's Scout Badge.

Peter (VL - Central Venturers) presents Kieran with his log.

Peter, Kieran's former Scout Leader at 1st Sunbury presented him with his miniature badge and provided us with some anecdotes to boot.

Alecia, also a former 1st Sunbury Scout, delivers the Queens Scout Creed.

Roger (1st Deer Park's GL) and Paul (Group Committee President) present Kieran with the Group's plaque.

And now it is Kieran's turn.

What would any memorable event be without a cake.

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