We Won Hoadley's RoVenture

After a lapse of a couple of years, Hoadley Region's Rovers rekindled RoVenture, one of the ways Rovers promote themselves to the Venturers of the Region. This year RoVenture was held at Mafeking Rover Park at Caveat. It also clashed with our planned Trivia Night to raise funds for the Unit. However, it was considered more important to support the Region's Rovers, so we put off the Trivia Night for another day.

Unfortunately not only did only 3 of the Unit end up going to RoVenture, but the 128 mb flash card in my camera died late Saturday afternoon and I lost quite a few photos of Saturday's activities. Enjoy what was left.

Where would a Venturer / Rover activity be without jelly wrestling.

The crowd watches on waiting to work out who's going to be next.


I know who is, it's him. I don't know who it is, but I'm sure he won't laugh at those who go before him ever again.

Tea on Saturday night was a sit down, 3 course meal care of the H.O.B.O.s. Well done people.

One of Central Venturers found a novel way of eating his veggie soup. He poured it over his bread roll with a spoon. Hmmm, I wonder if he learned that from his mother????

What would a commando course be without a mud pit. Pity 2004 is a drought year, so no mud - plenty of creepy crawlies though.

Next, the Iron Gut competition. have a close look at the rules and you'll see what I mean

Away we go. This is Tim, Rachael and Matt getting stuck into the dry wheet-bix with some of the other contestants.

Matt and Tim try the tomato soup.

After a bit of gagging and funny looks, David (Central Venturers) tuck into the milk with a hint of coffee.

Everyone else was keen to sit back and have a good laugh at the participants expense.

Matt and a bowl of cold baked beans in soy sauce

David (the eventual winner) scoffs his down.

Rachael paced herself well and ended up being the first girl to finish the competition (don't tell her she was the only girl in the comp). I don't think she liked this bit though.

Cold baked beans in soy sauce - yummy.

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