Some Of Us Did A Sailing Course

Over the weekends of the 14th, 15th and 28th, 29th February, Rachael, Tim, Bouf and the Intrepid Leader went to the Victorian Guide Scout Sailing Centre to do a Basic Sailing Course. The Intrepid Leader did the course 4 years ago but went back and did it again to have a laugh at Rachael and Tim and try and learn a bit more on the side. Having fun was an optional extra that all 4 took up.

On the first day the weather was wonderfully warm (40+ degrees) and there's wasn't a breath of wind in the afternoon. But this gave us the opportunity to practice our recovery skills and go for a swim to boot. Unfortunately Bouf had the camera on dry land so we don't have any photos of this part of the course, but stand by, I have a plan.

The second day started out much the same as the first, but in the afternoon the wind picked up and things started to come together for some of the trainees. Rachael and the Intrepid Leader even suffered gear failure and had to head to the beach on the jib alone. After beaching the boat and doing some quick running repairs we were back on the water giving the rest heaps.

Day three (two weekends later) again started very quietly, but the wind appeared again in the afternoon enabling the crews to refine what they'd learnt on the first part of the course. The 'on water' shots on this page were taken from one of the rescue boats by one of the trainers - thanks once again Steve.

Tony explains to one of the crews about setting the mast up and securing the shrouds.

Rachael and an onlooker from the open day listen intently to Tony as he explains the finer points of rigging a yacht and trimming sails - while on dry land. It's a very different story once you're on the water.

After a hard, hot day the course rests before heading home for the day.

The very next day it was into boats by ourselves - well two up without an instructor. These are a couple of the pacers we used.

We also put a couple of mirrors into the water.

The biggest problem with the smaller boats is there's no trailers. That means you've gotta carry them to the water as these Scouts from Mornington found out.

Back in class again.

These are 2 of the pacers reaching between marks on out training run. Sometimes we were 2 up, sometimes 3.

I know we are hiding a bit, but this is Tim as the forward hand and the Intrepid Leader on the helm.

This is better. Off into the wild blue yonder we go looking for yet another boat to pass.

This Cathy and her dad from 1st Ferny Creek. They did the course as they were thinking about sailing the Whitsundays and they used this as a way to learn sailing. Only difference is the boats are a bit bigger up north.

This is Rachael (red PFD) crewing the pacer and about to round up one of the mirrors.


Smile Rachael, its not that bad.

Now this is the way to sail a boat.

Rachael 3 up in a pacer and giving chase - Go Rachael!!

This is what its all about. Going around in circles playing with the wind and chasing the other boats in the bright February sunshine.

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