Our Weekend At Mt Baw Baw

After missing out in 2003, we finally got our act together in 2004 and made plans to head to W.F. Waters Rover Chalet at Baw Baw. The best weekend to go is always the cheapest and Venturer weekend at the end of July is always a good bet. For the weekend we were joined by Venturers from 1st Warragul and 1st Greensborough who joined us not only for the snow, but also for Cameron's investiture on the Saturday night.

Having done it all 2 years ago, we had some idea of what it was going to be like. The Unit chipped in and paid for the chain hire and entry to the National Park, so all we had to worry about as individuals was the ski hire and lift tickets. Some of us even took lessons!! The biggest choice any of us had to make was skis or snowboards with Rachael and the Intrepid Leader taking the ski option and everyone else doing the 'cool' thing and going for snowboards.

Next year, forget the lessons and its 2 days ski hire and 2 day lift pass for the Intrepid Leader. I challenge anyone else to take the plunge.

On the down side, I'd like to say 'Get Well Soon' to Andrew from the Baw Baw Rover Crew and David from 1st Greensborough who spent the better part of Saturday afternoon n the Warragul hospital with a dislocated shoulder and torn ligaments in the right arm respectively. Better luck next time fellas.


Do you like the style? The Intrepid Leader has an attempt at 'snow ploughing'.

Rachael on the other hand was a natural!

After the morning session it was into the chalet for lunch. Daniel considers a sandwich while Rachael tries the soup.

Matthew, Mark and Andrew on the other hand just go for the shortcut and eat by the handful.

After lunch it was back to the slopes for some snow boarding. Pity Matthew found it easier to lie down than stand up.

And again (or was Ambre just waiting with the camera for the right moment?)

Andrew watches Daniel as he shows how it's done.

Some of the Unit reflect at the tea table.

After tea it was time to invest Cameron. It was a big event with 1st Warragul Venturers watching on before 3 of their Unit were invested as well.

In the absence of the Unit Chairman, Rachael had the honour of presenting Cameron with his epaulettes.

Aaron presents Cameron with his record.

Out the front of the chalet, someone had build an igloo. Of course, Bouf had to inspect it for leaks. You would be surprised how warm it is inside an igloo.

Meanwhile, inside there was a game of Giant Jenga underway. These two are from Greensborough Venturers and this photo was taken 2 blocks from the big crash.


The view towards Warragul.

If you check out the live snow cam on the Baw Baw Alpine Resort web site you'll see the Frosti Frog Toboggan park. Well this is it.

The camera is on the back of the pub just to the right of the 'Hotel' sign.

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