The Intrepid Leader's Advanced Training

 It was 5 years in the making, but after much constination, the Intrepid Leader finally made it onto the 11th Venturer Advanced course. The course was suppose to be over several Monday nights but ended up being over a much more reasonable 3 weekends. Although the weather wasn't the kindest over the duration of the course, the participants did get to have a whole lot of fun and learnt many things from each other. Photos on the page are care of Russell who was one of the course leaders.

Weekend 1 - Treetops Scout Camp

After the usual welcoming stuff we got down to the nitty gritty, including being separated into our patrols and choosing our patrol names. Through a series of events the Intrepid Leader's patrol ended up being the 'Deep Fried Pigeons' and the scene was set. Little did we know just how far the D.F.P. theme would go.

Saturday morning saw the Course attend the annual Queen's Scout presentation at Government House. For some, this was the first time they had been to this presentation, for the Intrepid Leader it gave him the chance to see Daniel and Kieran receive their certificate. After lunch it was back to Treetops for the rest of the course.

The Scout Band play at all Queen's Scout presentations. The guy second from the right (contemplating his finger) was a Scout Leader with the Intrepid Leader back in his Box Hill days. Let me see, that was how long ago ????? And he's not dead???

I have absolutely know idea who this bloke is, but he has an interesting badge on his sleeve.

The Governor and Mrs Landy (with aide on his left), followed by Alston Park (Vic Branch Commissioner) and Ellen Boyd (State Commissioner for Guides) and Mrs Park.

Alistair reads the 'Queen's Scout Address To The Queen' while Governor Landy looks on. I'm not sure what the Branch Commissioner is doing.

Where would we be without a group photo. This is the course on the steps at the front door of the Government House residence

Back at Treetops one of the tasks was for each patrol to erect a suspended flag pole.

And hoist their patrol's flag. This was our first attempt. It was supposed to be an eagle dropping his (pigeon) dinner into a deep fryer.

The Intrepid Leader tries his hand at the artwork while patrol members Graham, David, Mick, Brad and Murray look on.

The finished product complete with Hoadley's ARC - Venturers (better known as Bruce) showing just how strong the structure is.

Spare time? Yes, the patrol was yet again filling in their spare time by doing course activities. Did some ever explain to the course leaders the concept of 'spare time'!!!!

Another outside activity. This one centred around building a stretch and then carrying a course member around the Treetops campsite.

The Big F.. B...... from Branch - better known to us all as Greg, the Branch Commissioner for Venturers.

Change-over time. Um, amongst a group of leaders exactly how many leaders can you have?

Down a ditch we go.

and through ....... what? You're kidding me aren't you?

From the back - Russell, Greg and Damien all prove that you should never ask anyone to do something you wouldn't do yourself.

I hope the patient is securely fastened to the stretch.

Exactly how deep is this dam?

Why is everyone laughing? Is there something I don't know about?

Made it. Graham and David, are your wearing those bodies for a bet? No enough Maccas I'd say.

Back at home, the Intrepid Leader took on the role of making the starting end of the patrol's project. The idea was to make something that would move at least 6 metres across the ground.

Our idea was the 'Deep Fried Pigeon' Cannon.

It is to shoot our Deep Fried Pigeon (as seen above prior to deep frying) 6 metres into a target. Have to look at the quick video to see how it works.

A Practice Run Of The D.F.P. Canon

Download the full version of the world famous Deep Fried Pigeon logo here. (Its a 2.5mb pdf.)

Stay Turned For Weekend 2 at the Pascoe Vale Training Centre

 (Hey Russell !! - Where Are The Photos From The Second Weekend???)


Weekend 3 - Clifford Park Scout Camp

Clifford Park, yes I remember Clifford Park. The Intrepid Leader was last there about 26 years ago when it was an open paddock, dirt tracks and a big tin shed down on the banks of the river. It was my first Father and Son Camp as a leader with 3rd Box Hill (when I wasn't quite so intrepid). My how the place has changed. It even has a training centre these days and a training we went. This was the last of our weekends away and it consisted not only of the usual theory sessions, but also it gave the tutor groups a chance to show off their culinary expertise, how good they were at performing skits and of course, the contraptions.

As I mentioned before, each tutor group had to build something that would move 6 metres across the ground. The Hooter's idea was to make a merry-go-roundish type of thingy.

Another group's idea was a billy cart complete with its own music - both kinds! Then there was the outrigger canoe in the background from another group.

This is the Deep Fried Pigeon's target. The idea was to propel the pigeon along the fishing line through the target and trigger the patrol flag which then went up the flagpole.

From the start the finish. Our first attempt was a bit long, but we got better.

Members from the D.F.P.s help prove the Hooter's merry-go-round actually worked.

The Stressed Peckers outrigger needed some encouragement to get going.

Tea was a combined affair with each tutor group providing a course. The D.F.P.'s was soup, Stressed Peckers has the main and Hooters had dessert. Graham (Stressed Peckers) cheated as he is a cook by trade.

After tea it was sketch time. This is Rick from the Stressed Peckers try to work out if he has enough 'stuff' to make a copy of the jolly old fat fella.

One of the best parts of a Scouting training is that you get to have a laugh with everyone at everyone. I'll let the picture speak for itself.

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