Vic Gathering @ Pax Hill - Ballarat

By 1st Deer Park standards, this was the closest V.G. to home and yet it was the quietest with the least number of Unit members attending any V.G. since 2000. Yes, only Andrew, Kristy,  Matt and the Intrepid Leader ventured to deepest, darkest Pax Hill (near Ballarat) to experience the sounds, sights and activities of this end of year bash.

The intrepid leader spend most of his weekend catching up with old friends and some much needed reading so there aren't too many photos and with only 3 Venturers to take photos of, well the results speak for themselves.

There's always next year and we'll be back to Pax Hill to give it another go.

Pax Hill is different to any other V.G. we've been to in that there are trees everywhere and it gets a bit difficult to find a place to put your tents up, especially in the dark.


It's a V.G. tradition. You just have to sit at the side of the road and watch the world go by.

I'm not so sure the water was such a good idea as a lubricant.

Nor the pile of fine wood chips as a brake.

Ah, the inflatable section, always a favourite at V.G.. This year, they had this obstacle course, bouncing boxing and I'm sure 'the' jumping castle was there somewhere.

Hang on, what's this??

This photo is rated aaarrrggghhhh!!!!.

If you are over 18 (or went to V.G.)

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What is it with camel rides? Every V.G. has camel rides and it's an experience believe me.

Pax Hill is a great place for some real, fair dinkum 4 wheel driving. The queues waiting to have a go are testament to it's popularity.

The permanent abseiling tower also proved very popular, particularly with Andrew and Matt.

Here's Matt all harnessed up. Not a good look is it.


Down he goes.

Oh, so this is why Andrew and Matt spent so much time at the abseiling. Nothing like doing it tough I say.

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