Anything Goes

On the last weekend in February every year, Eastern Region runs Anything Goes. For the last few years its been at Lardner Park in Warragul and so it was in 2005. In various numbers, we've been to A.G. for the past 4 years and each time we have had a ball. This year, there weren't too many 'exciting' on-site activities (the organisers poured all the money into some very exciting off-site ones instead). However, the activities that were on-site were more than enough to keep the Unit occupied. 

 A few of us took photos over the weekend, the ones marked with a * are courtesy of Jessica Field - thanks Jessica.

The tent village.

Every one should have a friend, right? Shellie's friend was a rat, so what! Was his name Ben? Nope, Zero.

* Our gentle giant Matt with Tim and ????

Archery was a popular on-site activity.

So was acrobatics.

Very popular in fact.

Tim having a relax with **** on his shoulders while Matt thinks "What's next?"

The 'Dragon', that's what.

It's simple really, Tim on Matt's shoulders .....

.... and someone up front.

The person at the front hangs on like this and then jumps up and wraps their legs around Matt's back.

How are you going Matt?

Steady fellas.

See, it's easy. 'The Dragon'.


Now here's a brave man. He obviously doesn't know Tim too well, nor what Matt had for breakfast.

* This is a sinch. Even Tim can do it.

* This is an interesting one. Keep those legs straight Mark.

* No wonder Matt slept well that night.

* A blow up bungy run. A bit different to the jumping castle.

* Pity no-one actually won anything.

The Intrepid Leader had a go at scuba diving at the local indoor pool.

After a few trial runs it was all go.

What a blast! Everybody should try scuba diving at some stage.

Kristy and Tim Jelly Wrestle (The Movie)

It was supposed to be jelly wrestling, but it started out more like W.W.F. I wonder where Kristy got the nickname 'Splat' from!

This was looking like Tim was about to give Kristy a pile driver.

When it was all over, they left the 'ring' as friends.

Has anyone seen Kristy's towel??

Hello Robyn (on the left in the white top). Would you like to jelly wrestle???

Then it was Matt and Mark's turn.

Only it was a little bit one sided.

Hey Mark, you are supposed top find the ducks too.

So Matt, tell me again how getting Mark in a jelly infested head lock helps find the ducks?

Early next day it was off to the field and game site.

Where we all lined up to record our names in the visitors book ...

... before heading down to the range to have 5 shots each at the clay targets.

Andrew takes a shot

And he got 5 out of 5 too.

Rick (from the Intrepid Leader's Advanced Training) had a go as well.

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